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How to increase FPS in Farming Simulator 19: best graphics settings

If you are having problems with FPS in Farming Simulator 19, the solution may be to change your graphics settings. After entering the game options (available only in the main menu), press the spacebar to go to the detailed information.

Farming Simulator 19

Optimal graphics settings to improve FPS

  • Multisample anti-aliasing – creates the greatest load on both the processor and the video card, especially if you are playing at resolutions higher than FullHD. If you have serious problems with freezes and freezes, you should set this parameter to 0, and gradually increase it, observing at what point the crashes appear.
  • Shadow quality – This component can also be a heavy GPU load and take up a lot of video memory. It is best to set it to a medium level, where it is not conspicuous, and the efficiency remains at an optimal level.
  • Lighting quality – This parameter is easy to check for the load on the video card during the day, especially in the morning and evening. If your FPS starts to drop at this time of day, be sure to lower the quality of this setting. It also has a significant impact on performance.

It is worth noting that the built-in FPS counter is activated by pressing the F2 key, provided that the console is enabled in the game files. It is activated in the game archive, which is located in the folder with saves and settings. Open the file with any text editor, and change the controls line from false to true (fourth line from the bottom).

Farming Simulator 19

  • Object rendering range Is the distance from which objects are visible: mainly cars and vehicles. This does not significantly affect the graphics load.
  • Terrain detail range – the distance at which terrain textures and growing sculptures are drawn. This parameter also slightly affects the load, but significantly affects the aesthetic impression.
  • Rear view mirrors – this setting determines the image quality of these items. This only applies to the first person view from the cockpit. Can significantly affect performance, especially if multiple mirrors are installed in the vehicle. It should be borne in mind that even at level 0, images are rendered, albeit blurry. It should also be borne in mind that most mirrors in the standard technique are not adjusted, and, as a rule, “look” at the ground or at the side of the trailer. That is, they are essentially useless, so many players leave this setting at 0.
  • Filtering textures – gives a certain perspective. This has no significant effect on visual sensation and stress. If you have performance issues, keep the 8x option.
  • Filtering shadows – does not significantly affect the load, slightly improves the appearance of this parameter.
  • Relief quality – mainly determines the capabilities of textures and the amount of terrain detail. This does not load the graphics much, but it does affect the amount of used video memory.
  • Plants Rendering Range – mainly affects how far you can see crops, trees and leaves. Does not significantly affect the load.
  • The scope of tessellation models – this significantly affects the load of the GPU, but enriches the models with details and volume so that they do not seem flat.
  • Realistic lighthouse lights – only slightly affect performance when the vehicle warning lights are on (orange lights on the roof of tractors and combines).
  • Texture resolution – the main parameter responsible for the amount of used video memory. If you have a large resource (at least 4 GB), feel free to set it to the maximum value.
  • Maximum Shadow Sources – no effect on the performance of the game was noticed.
  • Shader quality – defines the appearance of details and objects of the landscape. This parameter can significantly affect the number of frames per second.
  • Detail range – it is worth leaving the default value, it does not significantly affect the load.
  • Tire mark drawing distance (Max Tire Tracks) – Determines how far the tire remains visible. Tuning has little or no effect on performance.

Do not set the parameters related to the draw distance to the minimum – this will lead to unloading and reloading of objects from memory even when moving short distances, which can cause additional load.

How can I improve the performance of my game?

Settings such as shadows and highlights affect the load on the graphics card, while the “number of objects” data, such as draw distance, is processor intensive. If you have a weak computer, it is recommended to reduce these settings to low values.

In addition, a lack of memory can lead to errors and crashes in the game. In rare cases, there is a problem with deleting a save. However, don’t worry about this, as the game automatically backs up your downloads and places them in the savegameBackup folder, which can be found in the same place where the game. It remains to find the last save, focusing on the date and time of the archive creation, rename it to savegame1 / 2/3 ../ 10, and move it to the base, to the rest.

Farming Simulator 19

If the FPS is still low as a result of all the settings, the only salvation may be downsizing and scaling basic graphics settings. The resolution level has a big impact on performance. On weak PCs, you should not increase the setting above 100%.

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