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How to make professional shots in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

It’s no big deal to take advantage of Photo Mode in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The output is good or funny photos. They can be used as everyday Instagram posts in Lara Croft’s album. Quite possibly, looking through the collection of photographs, the plunderer would go on a nostalgic journey.

There is more to this than basic Photo Mode shots. Each player can make them, the function of creating regular screenshots is also available on consoles. Within the framework of the article, possibilities will be given beyond the usual functions. Despite some complexity of the manipulations, the output is not ordinary screenshots, but works of art. You can imagine yourself as a photographer who does not depart from Lara and Iona throughout the entire expedition.

After a little walk in the jungle, there will be materials for the opening of exhibitions with unusual and exciting portraits of the heroine.

Where to start?

The first step is to properly prepare for the pictures. The consoles are good for taking photos, the Xbox and PS4 Pro can take good pictures. To achieve the best results on consoles, you will have to devote a lot of time to each frame. If you have a computer, you should give preference to it. Still, on a PC, there are more options for configuring the camera. The main advantages of a computer: support for additional scripts, work with large photo resolutions and the ability to remove restrictions.

To get the best photos, you should prepare the correct Photo Mode settings. On a computer, it is easy to start the photo mode from the menu that opens after pressing the Esc button. The corresponding item contains the main settings of the mode and additional, useful settings at the bottom of the window. Additional options include hiding the game interface, displaying a grid for the correct frame composition.

The “camera” parameters available for configuring:

  • “Camera” is the top tab in the menu, it helps to adjust the view and position of the camera in relation to the heroine. Here you can adjust the zoom value, for this you need to correct the field of view. Zoom will help you take pictures in more detail;
  • “Depth of field” – the next tab is intended to activate, configure or deactivate the function of the same name. There are only 2 sliders on the tab: intensity and distance. This function is useful for blurring the background in screenshots;
  • “Picture” (the third menu item) allows you to change the settings for the saturation of colors and their brightness. This is useful when darkening or brightening up a scene. Allows you to replace the entire tone of the picture. The portfolio contains good shots both in monochrome (black and white) and with high saturation settings;
  • “Color Filters”. Feels like the color filters are copied from the popular Instagram social network;
  • “Frames” is the penultimate, fifth section. On it, you can add a frame to the picture;
  • Pose is the last but very important mode. Here you can set the expression on the heroine’s face. The settings apply only to the face. The position of the body, the position of the head must be set in advance outside the photo mode.

The six listed possibilities are the basic settings of the photo mode, due to which the effects of the screenshot are changed.

Maybe something more serious?

Snapshots taken with the listed features could find an audience on Instagram. Such shots are not good enough to create a gallery. Professional photographers need something better. For this purpose, you will have to install the Cheat Engine program and a separate script from Duncan Harris. These steps help you unlock the camera and access several additional options.

To download the Cheat Engine, visit official site… It is important to check additional settings during installation. If you ignore the additional functions, the installer will add browsers, programs, add-ons, etc. to the system. At the installation stage, you need to unselect all third-party items. You can download the script by link

The following actions:

  1. Double-click the Shadow of the Tomb Raider shortcut
  2. Minimize the window with Alt + Tab and launch the Cheat Engine.
  3. At the top left there is an image of a computer, you need to click on it.
  4. Choose a game from the entire list of applications.
  5. Unpack the downloaded script.
  6. Helper functions are displayed at the bottom of the Cheat Engine window.
  7. Set red cross marks from all auxiliary options.
  8. Now you should be able to freely move the camera in the game and set your own area of ​​view.

Now the preparation for creating masterpieces is complete. Thanks to the installed settings, it became easier to implement the conceived effects, shoot interesting angles, etc. There are also several drawbacks: during the transition between locations, game crashes become more frequent, it is inconvenient to play with a free camera and FOV. It is recommended to return the Cheat Engine settings to their original position before exiting from Photo Mode. The best option is to initially select the frame, then run the script settings and photo mode.

To get the best screenshots, it’s worth including scripts to move through textures. Free camera is a required setting.

The moment of creating masterpieces

Now the most difficult process begins – creating the perfect shots worthy of installation in the gallery. You can check yourself: is there a desire to hang the picture on the wall? If such a desire does not arise, the frame is not good enough.

There are several useful rules of photography, they should be remembered and used:

  1. Third and diagonal. You should not choose boring and monotonous frames, the task goes beyond creating a passport photo. In some cases, the portrait can turn out to be amazing. The essence of the rule is to create a diagonal between Lara in the lower corner and the light in the upper opposite corner. This approach creates the perfect balance of darkness and light. Such a scene seems more attractive to human eyes.
  2. Emphasizing important elements. To draw attention to the key point in the picture, the frame will have to be cropped or added contrast to a separate element. If there are too many elements, Lara will be lost against his background, you need to emphasize her.
  3. Correct shadow management. This effect helps to accentuate certain elements of the body. Good shots are obtained when the heroine is partially darkened. Textured shadows on the face rarely lead to good shots. It is better to emphasize the face. You can add a glow behind the character, then there will be an almost black silhouette of the character in the background.

Some helpful tips

The magic of photos is in the details. What you should pay attention to:

  1. Contrast and transitions. The first glance at a photograph immediately falls on the lightest and most contrasting elements. This should be used by drawing attention to interesting elements of the picture: jewelry, face, decor. The directionality of the face, light and other elements that attract elements should go to important parts of the picture. Attention is drawn to them in the second place, now it is important to complement a good impression of the frame. Only in the last place, attention falls on the surrounding elements.
  2. Game with camera rotation. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, flipping the camera is inconvenient. Better to take regular pictures and crop them in PhotoShop.
  3. The strength is in the details. You need to develop the skill of distinguishing between good moments. Individual shots with little history are the strongest. The beauty is that everyone interprets the situation in their own way, everyone can create their own unique pictures.
  4. The main element of the face is the eyes. The photo appears much deeper when the eyes are visible, especially with glare from the light source.
  5. Use of symbolism. In photography, you can rely on symbolism. It is possible to implicitly show the presence of: a way out of the problem, a character symbol, a character. This will help make the photo more interesting.

With the help of all of the above, it will be possible to make wonderful shots. They will not be ordinary screenshots, but real works of art.

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