• October 3, 2023

How to open, get to the beginning of the correspondence in VK?

The history of VK dates back to 2006, since then hundreds of millions of users have registered on the social network. VKontakte was created for simple communication with people and entertainment, and the service absolutely justifies its tasks. The dialogues with some people that have accumulated over the years of correspondence are so great that it is very difficult to go through to the beginning. After 5 minutes of rewinding, it is easy to notice how the browser starts to lag and does not allow you to continue using the tab normally. For these reasons, other ways are needed to get to the start of the dialogue in VK.

Method 1: the classic rewinding method

This is the same method as normal scrolling with the mouse wheel or slider, but is much faster and requires little or no effort. However, lags during rewinding are also inherent in the method.

How it works:

  1. We open any dialogue.
  2. Click on the wheel to the left or right of the wall with the dialogue.
  3. Move the mouse up, thereby adjusting the scrolling speed. The further the cursor is from the point at which the button was pressed, the faster the process takes place.

The method practically does not require user participation, but sometimes the process freezes. This mostly happens when the previous messages are loaded. In this case, any movement of the mouse will start scrolling.

Method 2: using the address bar

The fastest and most effective method is to edit the site url. The method uses a GET request as a basis, which displays the very first message. When using the instructions, the browser will not lag, and the amount of time spent is reduced tenfold.

How to scroll through a dialog:

  1. We open a correspondence with a person or group.
  2. We click once on the address bar and add to its end – & msgid = 1.
  3. We press the Enter button.

Now the very first message is displayed in front of us.

Method 3: using search

Inside the dialogue, the developers have provided the ability to search for information. Thus, we can very quickly find a message by a key phrase. The function starts after clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon. In addition to the classic search, we can also use the calendar (the icon next to the line). In it we can select the date or year in which the search will be carried out.

How to return to the beginning of a VKontakte conversation on a smartphone?

There is one very convenient and fast method on the phone, which is implemented using the proprietary VK application. The bottom line is that the page number is always displayed at the bottom of the dialog. If you click on the oldest from the list, we can immediately get to the beginning of the dialogue. The exact same method can actually be applied on a PC, you just need to open the mobile version site

3 alternative ways to scroll back to the beginning of the dialogue:

  • Use search. Everything is the same as in the computer version.
  • Apply application Kate mobile… If you click on 3 dots in the program, it becomes possible to select “Start correspondence”.
  • Through the code & msgid = 1. To do this, in the browser, click on the address page and paste the code & msgid = 1 at the end.

Choosing the best method to return to the beginning of the VK dialogue, the fastest implementation is to use the address bar. Not a bad way to flip through the pages in the mobile version of the service.

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