• March 4, 2024

How to protect yourself from bounty increases in RDR 2?

Many Red Dead Redemption 2 players complain about the constant hunt for their head. This significantly increases the passage of story missions. The system itself is interesting, but it is opaque. Until now, it was not clear why the bounty is increasing. The higher the reward set by the sheriff, the greater the number and level of hunters.

The company was unable to provide a clear answer to numerous requests for information on the tracing system. The fog around this question thickened, since even after a blow to the character, the bounty for the head could increase. It seemed to many that there was no system and everything happened in a random way. Still, this is not true, the system is there. Law enforcement agencies begin to intensively hunt for the hero for certain reasons.

How to avoid the sheriff’s bounty on the player’s head?

Found a solution BurayanFury Is one of the members of the Reddit forum. He found a pattern and offered them to the public. Now it’s easier to understand what you don’t need to do in order not to increase the wanted level. All answers are in one image.

The diagram helps to draw conclusions and avoid serious harassment throughout the game. It also makes it easy to identify actions that will quickly increase the wanted level. You can use the information for your own purposes: for fun or for a quick passage through the plot.

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