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how to pump quickly, get top loot

Anthem is a massive RPG shooter. Development plays an important role here. To stay competitive, it’s important to constantly develop your character. Our article will help you quickly earn experience points, level up to level 30 and create good weapons.

Best Ways to Get XP and Level Up

It should be understood that increasing levels in Anthem is of enormous importance, because it affects the number of weapons available. Also, the leveling system is important for the character to get more powerful weapons. The game offers a choice of several options for earning experience points. They are issued for playing activity and exploits (a rather difficult option).

Quests are the primary source of experience. It is worth completing all the story missions first. After the end of the main story, a lot of good loot opens up, and as you progress through, tons of experience are given. You should also invest time in completing contracts. These are available at Fort Tarsis and can be displayed on billboards. Additional sources of experience points are: free play mode and participation in the passage of dungeons.

The video shows a quick way to reach level 30 after completing story mode.

How to create top gear and weapons?

Anthem has a very extensive crafting system. Of course, this system plays an important role in the process of improving equipment. With the help of crafting, you can create: weapons capable of inflicting maximum damage on targets, and equipment with a high level of protection. Crafting is based on 3 essential components: weapon parts, chimeric alloy and chimeric compound. There are 4 more materials, differing in rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Workshop.

To get weapon parts, you can buy weapons and disassemble them. Another way is to open containers, here they drop out with a certain chance, which depends on the rarity of the weapon. Chimeric Alloy and Compound can be obtained by breaking equipment into separate pieces. For example, to get spear parts, you need to disassemble the spear. Depending on the class of the weapon, specific items for crafting drop out.

Even after collecting the required amount of crafting materials, the player’s hands are tied until he receives the blueprint. They are also categorized as Rare, Epic, and Workshop. To get the blueprints, you need to complete the faction tasks, and open access to the Tarsis character. You can also take part in various events and the capture of fortresses. After completing faction loyalty missions, access to Sigils of weapons, components of ammunition, armor, abilities, etc. opens.

When you have all the necessary components and a blueprint on hand, you need to go to the forge. The blacksmith will help you create ready-made equipment or weapons.

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