• May 22, 2024

How to Quickly and Easily Calm the Bridge Baby in Death Stranding

The Baby Bridge was used throughout the Death Stranding ad campaign. And many players still could not understand what role this tiny baby will play in the new creation of Hideo Kojima and what game mechanics will be tied to it. Well, the release of Death Stranding took place a long time ago, and therefore we know in every detail what Bridge Baby is and how Sam Porter Bridges, the main character of the game, uses it.

Bridge Baby is a kind of energy source and filter for the protagonist’s scanner. As soon as you find yourself in dangerous territory, the dorsal scanner is activated. If one of the ghostly Beasts is in close proximity to you, the scanner will flash bright orange. Moreover, the scanner will not only blink, but also turn towards the enemy.

Bridge Baby is your partner

However, it is important to remember that the Bridge Baby is not an immortal creature. He has his own separate health scale. Water, falling from a height, ghosts (when they find you, drag them underground or capture the child himself) and MULES (melee, bullets and grenades) can negatively affect the well-being of the Bridge Baby. In general, any physical and mental influences that can adversely affect the main character. Everything is very intuitive.

How to calm the Bridge Baby?

What do children do when they feel bad? That’s right, they start to cry. And what should be done with them in this case? That’s right, calm down. To calm the crying Bridge Baby, you need to perform a series of manipulations on the controller. Below we will show you an example of these actions on a DualShock 4, but they can be easily performed on any other input device.

So, to calm Bridge Baby in Death Stranding, you need to:

  • when you hear a baby crying, hold L1 (LR) and click on the cross to look at him;
  • press ◻ (X) to disconnect Bridge-Baby from the protagonist;
  • lightly pan the controller to rock the baby (less than 10 seconds);
  • press ◻ (X) again to put the baby back in place.

This is all that is required of you. If you are not a fan of the accelerometer (or you do not have one in the controller), then use the right stick to rock the child. It is worth mentioning that by calming the Bridge-Baby you not only stabilize his condition, but also increase the level of connection with him. The higher the level of connection between Sam Bridges and Bridge Baby, the more health the latter has.

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