• July 5, 2022

How to quickly collect experience and level up in New Pokemon Snap?

Each area in New Pokemon Snap requires a different Research Rank. As you photograph Pokémon and make discoveries, the level of exploration of all locations increases. As a result, access to new characters, situations and objects opens up.

The rank will grow faster if you find and photograph Pokémon that are not yet in the Photodex collection, as this gives more points. At the same time, all the photographs taken must be shown to Professor Mirror, regardless of whether the new character is captured or this is a photo of one of the already examined. It is important that the frame is original. For example, you can throw a fruit at a Pokemon, and at that moment take a beautiful picture of his reaction to it.

With an increase in the level, it is worth visiting the already passed locations again, since new Pokémon and reactions will be available in them, which in turn will allow you to get additional experience points. Even if the images are not of the best quality, they should still be shown to the professor, as they also bring a little “experience”.

experience in New Pokemon Snap

That is, when replaying, interact with all creatures, even if their pictures are already in the collection. As the research rating rises, not only new Pokémon will appear, but also situations and items for interacting with monsters. In addition, sometimes you can see how the creatures communicate with each other – this is also a great moment for shooting a unique shot.

With an increase in the level and skill, the photos will be clearer and better quality. In addition, you will have a gaming experience, and you yourself will understand in what moments and under what conditions you can take the best picture. Leave comments on what tricks and tricks you use to create the highest rated photos.

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