• February 22, 2024

How to quickly level up in Anthem?

In Anthem, to unlock the difficulty of the Grandmaster, you need to constantly work to increase your level. The leveling process requires experience points (XP), which are quite difficult to earn. Passing the main storyline campaign raises the player to level 20, but after that the hardest part begins. Leveling becomes slower and you will need more and more experience to reach level 30, where you will get access to the best equipment and legendary weapons. Here are some helpful tips to help you level up faster in Anthem.

How do I level up quickly in Anthem?

Uniting into squads

One of the easiest ways to earn some XP. Anthem awards you bonus experience points based on the number of players in your squad. Therefore, we recommend playing more often in open game mode.

Free play experience farming

Free play is another way to get XP. Completing a world event will count as a general skill and give you experience points. Completing the first event earns you 200XP, the second 400XP, and the last 800XP. You can later return to Fort Tarsis to reset the skill tracker and return to completing quests.

Game at a high level of difficulty

The maximum level of difficulty in Anthem involves the appearance of a large number of powerful enemies, for the elimination of which you will earn a lot of experience. But to deal with the superior forces of the enemy, you must first learn to skillfully use the abilities of your javelin. With a little practice, you won’t feel much of a difference between normal and hardcore settings.

Feats during missions

During the mission, if you open your inventory, you will find out how close you are to completing the feat. Most often, tasks are related to what you are already doing in missions. For example, reviving teammates, performing combos, performing multiple kills in a row, and the like. At the end of the mission, you will receive experience points as a reward for their exploits.

Farming XP in quick play mode

The quick play mode allows you to join squads that have empty slots. Thus, you can land in any mission or stronghold, including even missions at the end of the storyline campaign. To avoid spoilers, it’s best to complete the story first, but after that, this method is the best possible way to quickly level up in Anthem.

Execution of contracts

Completing contracts will also earn you more XP points than regular missions. Contracts can be obtained from NPCs or from message boards in Fort Tarsis. In addition, legendary bounties appear after the completion of regular bounties, which are even more useful in terms of gaining experience points.

Why is leveling up in Anthem so important?

Your current level is related to almost everything in the game, from the power of weapons to getting bonuses and loot. And of course, the main advantage is the ability to unlock all four javelins and gain access to Grandmaster 3, which is feasible only after reaching level 30.

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