• December 6, 2023

How to remove ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error in Google Chrome?

When trying to load one of the pages in Google Chrome, the error ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND may appear. It can occur both when opening a random tab, and on some problem pages. In most cases, extensions cause it. In other words, if you disable all addons, the site should load and the error will not appear. Provided that you are ready to put up with this, you can close the page and enjoy tons of ads, etc. If you still want to fix the breakdown, read on, where we all step by step and clearly explain all the necessary actions.

How to fix ERR FILE NOT FOUND error in Chrome?

There are only 3 effective ways to deal with this error, and we have arranged them in descending order of benefit:

  • The first option will not work for everyone, but judging by the reviews, for many, the problem is caused by a specific extension.
  • The second method is the most practical, convenient and not causing much discomfort, but it takes a long time to implement.
  • The third method is faster, but it will cause inconvenience due to the lack of useful add-ons and settings in the browser.

Solution 1: remove the Duplicate Tab extension

A significant proportion of users who have encountered the ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error claim that they got rid of the crash after uninstalling the Duplicate Tab software. This gives us reason to believe that this guide will help you too. In fact, Duplicate Tab is not some run-of-the-mill extension, it’s a whole browser hijacker. It is installed covertly along with other software and changes the settings of the web browser: setting redirection to other pages, editing search queries and violating many other browser settings.

What do we have to do:

  1. Open “Programs and Features” from the Win + X menu or enter appwiz.cpl in the Run line.
  2. We are looking for the Duplicate Tab software and select “Delete”.
  3. We agree with the deletion and wait for its completion.

Solution 2: looking for the problematic extension

Although the most effective way is to remove or disable all addons, this is associated with discomfort. Without add-ons, the functionality of the browser will decrease and you will have to put up with it. There is another way – to find the problematic module and disable only it.

How to remove the error:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the ellipsis.
  2. In the menu that opens, select “Additional tools” and click on “Extensions”.
  3. Next to all extensions, we transfer the toggle switch to an inactive state.
  4. We launch the problem site and check if it works.
  5. If the web portal opens, go back to the page with extensions and enable one of them.
  6. We again check the work of the web resource, if it is still working stably, we turn on one more add-on.
  7. We repeat until the site stops loading, and the last included extension is removed and we are looking for its analogue.


Solution 3: reset browser settings

While this is a very radical solution, it often works. If you set up synchronization with the server first, you won’t lose a lot of your data.

Correction instructions:

  1. In Google Chrome, open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  2. On the landing page, scroll through the list to the very end and click on the “Additional” button.
  3. Now go back to the bottom of the page and select “Restore default settings.”
  4. We confirm the action with the “Reset settings” button.


Some of the above should help in fixing ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND in Google Chrome, provided that the problem is actually in the browser. Perhaps the problem is in the site itself, then we can only hope that the failure will be fixed soon.

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