• May 29, 2022

How to safely sell skins on Steam for real money?

Steam sells a huge range of games and skins. For the convenience of its users, the service has developed an internal currency, which is equal to local money 1 to 1. Already with the help of the funds entered into the platform, we can buy any goods. If there are no problems with the acquisition, then with the withdrawal of funds, everything is difficult. We suggest you figure out how to withdraw money from Steam or sell skins for real currency. Personal experience is used as a basis, so along the way there will be tips on how to do it more profitably and where, there are some nuances.

Features of the Steam wallet

A personal wallet on Steam supports the introduction of real funds in a variety of ways: from bank cards to electronic payment systems and even cryptocurrency. In the future, we can use them to replenish our personal library or skins for a particular game. Steam also allows you to send and receive gifts in the form of cash in any direction. However, for this you cannot use the personal balance of the trading platform, but only real money.

Important! Valve Corporation is absolutely opposed to the idea of ​​sharing or withdrawing money from their Steam marketplace, so this cannot be done legally. The developers themselves say that in this way they prevent money laundering through their platform.

Is it risky?

Of course, yes, there is a risk of losing skins. This often happens when trying to exchange money or skins in Vkontakte groups or on unverified sites. There are also relatively safe methods that many gamers use. Their downside is the high withdrawal fee.

Healthy! You will not be able to exchange 1 ruble of Steam for 1 real ruble, except in cases of incredible luck. Almost every method is associated with the fact that at the exit the owner of skins or electronic balance will receive only part of the funds. The normal commission is one third of the amount. In any case, about 30% will be lost, this must be taken into account in advance. The only way to get the same or even more money is to invest in a rapidly growing skin that will constantly rise in price. Then the benefit will allow you to block the commission, and sometimes even earn.

How do I withdraw money and skins from Steam for real money?

Now let’s take a closer look at several options for withdrawing money.

Method 1: sell through the exchange

There are several sites that allow you to monetize skins by selling them not for Steam currency, but for real rubles. We can recommend market.csgo.com and market.dota2.net. The choice of service depends on which skins are available for which game.

If we are not talking about skins in CS or Dota 2, but, for example, about Rust, you will have to perform additional manipulation – exchange them. To do this, you need to go to the site loot.farm or tradeit.gg. The principle of their work is simple: log in through Steam, on the left, select the skins that we want to sell, and on the right, select items from CS or Dota 2 for the same amount.

How it works:

  1. Go to market.csgo.com or market.dotanet.
  2. We pass authorization on the service.
  3. In the “Your items for sale” block, click on the plus and select the skin.
  4. We set the amount.
  5. After the sale, go to your personal profile, fill in the payment details and withdraw money from the trading platform to your wallet or card.

A few important points:

  • We recommend buying or exchanging skins that are in stable demand. They sell quickly, and the price is more or less stable. If you are willing to take a chance, you should try a hype subject.
  • There are 2 selling options on market sites. The first is instant, the quick sale amount is lower, but the money is immediately credited to the balance. The second one is manual, the skin is listed on the exchange at the set price and waits for its buyer. Naturally, the second method is longer, but the income is higher.
  • All services are paid. When exchanging skins for loot.farm, a commission of 3-5% is charged, and for tradeit.gg – 2-10%. It all depends on the turnover, duration of use, as well as bonuses. For example, if you put the name of the site in a nickname, there will be a good discount. Markets also charge a 6.4-10% commission for selling skins, newbies pay the most, and frequent visitors pay less. Withdrawals will take another 5%. If everything is configured correctly, it will be possible to reduce the commission to 13%, but usually it will be about 20%.

Method 2: through the guarantor

This method is more profitable, but at the same time, it is difficult to implement. When selling skins directly to a person, there are big risks, since either the seller or the buyer must be the first to dump the money. Most often, one of the sides is thrown. The guarantor helps to avoid such an outcome.

The principle of the guarantor’s work:

  1. The buyer flips the money to the party who guarantees the fairness of the transaction.
  2. The guarantor confirms the receipt of funds and asks to send the skin to the buyer.
  3. After a successful trade, the guarantor transfers the money to the seller.

It may seem that this is very simple, but this feeling is deceiving. What are the nuances of this method:

  • The guarantor takes a commission. The amount depends on the value of the goods and simply the person’s requests. Approximately it is worth counting on 10%. This is less than through trading platforms, so this option is preferable for expensive skins.
  • There is a minimum service amount. Usually they take at least 150-200 rubles, so cheap skins, cost up to 500 rubles, does not make sense to sell like that.
  • Finding a buyer yourself is the hardest part. To get a person interested in purchasing, you will have to offer a lower price than on the Steam Market, where a client can buy a skin at any time. Also, you will quickly find a buyer for a unique item that is very difficult to find on sale. Most likely it is worth looking in special groups on Vkontakte. However, there is a high probability that the scam will write a lot and have to filter them out on their own.

Even the guarantor himself can throw, so it is worth using only verified contacts. One of the reliable people is Dania, known as Zeus. Services are offered not by him, but by his friend – Dima Nazarenko

Method 3: withdrawing money from Steam

At any time, we can sell skins and get the internal currency of Steam. It can also be monetized, but this cannot be done directly. We’ll have to look for people who sell games. They usually buy gift keys for games on Steam, purchased with local currency, and sell them for real money. It is profitable for the buyer, because the final price for the buyer is less than what is on the trading floor. It is also worth taking away the service commission.

Important! The total losses for the seller will be about 30-35%. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a wholesale, regular buyer who will offer favorable terms.

In the same way, you can sell games to friends, then it will be even more profitable. To lose less money or even make money, it’s worth buying games on sale and selling them when the promotion expires.

Unfortunately, we cannot advise a specific service, since places on popular sites are already taken, and less popular sites are quickly closing.

We strongly recommend not to use direct sale of skins. You cannot trust the buyer, this is the most common situation when they throw. Do not think that 100 rubles or 1000 rubles is little money and no one will do that. There are people who do not disdain any amount. It is better to lose some of the amount than to be a fool. Only the methods listed above will allow you to do this with minimal commissions and safely. Yes, there are also sites like Steam Cash, however, they are blocked by Valve, and the amount at the exit will only be 50%. We recommend that you follow a few additional steps, but get about 80% of the cost of skins or the amount on the Steam balance.

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