• September 24, 2023

How to tame boars and wolves in Valheim?

Many players are interested in how to tame animals in Walheim, and since boars are among the first on the player’s path, it is worth starting with them to learn how to tame creatures.

How to tame boars in Valheim?

Technically, the ability to tame boars is available from the very start of the game, but to get started it is best to do a few preparations:

  • First of all, it is worth starting with the construction of your base, because in any case you will need a place to keep animals. You can build a small aviary where the wild boar will be placed later. It is worth noting that a gap must be left in the fence through which the animal will get inside. After the completion of construction, you can go in search of the animal.
  • Boars, as a rule, are not difficult to find. Approaching quite close, they become aggressive towards the player, and begin to pursue him. Taking advantage of this, run towards the built aviary, and after the boar is inside, complete the unfinished part of the fence. To start taming a boar, you need to feed it. Any food of plant origin is suitable for this, for example, berries, mushrooms, carrots and turnips.
  • Leave food on the ground in the pen, after which the boar will begin to feed and gradually tame. Yellow hearts will begin to appear over his body – this means that the taming process has begun. Coming closer to the beast, you can see the percentage of taming. Sometimes the wild boar remains aggressive for some time and does not eat the offered food. In this case, it is worth moving away from the corral at a distance slightly greater than the rendering radius, and returning back. The animal should calm down.

How to breed wild boars in Walheim?

Raising wild boars to raise them and obtain an endless supply of meat and leather is quite a lucrative business, but it may not be the easiest one. To begin with, of course, you have to tame another boar. In case the first one has not yet been tamed, the best option would be to build a separate paddock nearby, and then combine them.

When you have two or more animals, just leave the food on the floor of the enclosure to keep the boars well-fed. Animals with the “happy” status can freely mate and produce offspring. You can find out about the status of a creature by hovering the mouse cursor over it. Cubs will eventually grow into adults, and the more adults and happy boars you have, the more offspring they will produce.

How to tame wolves in Walheim?

The process of taming wolves is not much different from taming boars. It should be borne in mind that they live mainly in mountain biomes. In addition, wolves are more aggressive and attack when they see the player from afar, so you need to be careful with them and keep a comfortable distance. After the animal is in the pen, it, like the wild boar, should be treated with “sweets”, but the wolf prefers exclusively raw meat.

Unlike peaceful creatures, which can be tamed for breeding and obtaining useful resources from them, predators can be taken with you on a journey as companions. To do this, approach the tamed wolf, press E, and order him to follow you. But you should beware of stronger animals, as they are able to kill our pet.

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