• February 20, 2024

How to unlock all Jump Force characters?

Jump Force is Namco’s latest cross-platform fighting game. The game was released quite recently, first in Japan, and since February 15 it has become available worldwide. Jump Force has featured numerous characters from various manga series. Players are eager to unlock all of their favorite manga characters and therefore often wonder how to unlock all the characters.

How do I unlock all Jump Force fighters?

The new game from Spike Chunsoft’s includes over 40 characters. Despite the wide variety of fighters, unlocking them all is very easy. To do this, you just need to complete the prologue in the game. More specifically, the game starts with a couple of cut scenes. Upon completion, the player is given the opportunity to create his own fighter. Once the character is created, you can proceed to the walkthrough or familiarize yourself with the built-in tutorial.

There are 3 directions of movement and at the end of each the player is faced with the head of the group. It is enough to talk to each of the three leaders of the team, then access to all the characters in the game appears. It is also worth noting that this hub is the initial platform for completing missions and starting the game online.

How do I start a conversation with Team Leader Goku?

As mentioned, you will have to talk to each leader to unlock all existing fighters. To reach the first “leader” of the Goku team, you need to go through the red tunnel, which is located in the center. Upon completion of the proposed path, a leader will appear. An exclamation mark will flash above his head, this is a hint that you need to talk to the character.

How to talk to Team Leader Luffy?

It is located at the blue end of tunnel “B”, which is located on the left. The desired character is on an island with a moored ship. Luffy is standing here with an exclamation mark above his head. You should talk to him and all the fighters from his team will be available.

How to meet the Naruto team leader?

Now the last leader remains – the leader of the Naruto team, who is located in the tunnel on the right, highlighted in green. After a short journey, the player ends up in the “Hidden Leaf” village, where the head of Naruto’s team is waiting for the hero. Talking to him is the penultimate step in unlocking characters.

How do I talk to Director Glover at Jump Force?

Immediately after talking with all the leaders, you should go to the last tunnel. It is located on the other side of the “a” tunnel. The path leads the player to a kind of office, where Director Glover is located. After communicating with him, a combat tutorial will appear and all characters will become open. The director also opens access to all game modes.

Unlocking all the characters is easy even for a newbie in fighting games, so there shouldn’t be any problems with that. If you have any other questions about the game, ask them in the comments.

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