• October 3, 2023

How to use Horison’s End of the World skills in Apex Legends

The latest update to Apex Legends brought back World’s End, while also introducing a new Season 7 Legend for the first time, a character named Horison. World’s End is a large location that is very different from Olympus, so the preferred playstyle for Horison will change as well. Here’s how to best leverage the power of Horison in this unique location.

Best Places for a Gravity Elevator

One of the most useful abilities of Horison, which is of great importance for the End of the World card, is her tactical skill Gravity Lift. A sorting plant and an oil refinery are two great places to install a gravity lift, especially in their largest buildings.

Speaking of buildings, when you are on the roof of buildings like the Skyhook, Refinery, or Fragments, you can use it to jump between the rooftops. The elevator can also move players high enough to get to the main road in areas where it sits on an elevated position (for example, between the Sorting Factory and the Harvester), or take you to the roof of a large building at the train station.

Don’t forget that Gravity Lift and Horison’s passive ability, Space Walk, go hand in hand. In combat, you can jump down from a higher point (for example, if you need time to heal) and then climb up using the elevator to rejoin the battle.

The best locations for the Black Hole

One of the peculiarities of the Olympus map was that there were very few bottlenecks there. This is not the case at World’s End. Here are some great locations for using the Black Hole special ability: the path between West Fragment and Harvester, the tunnel leading from the Skyhook and Railroad Yard, and the loot storage tunnel at the train station. They are ideal as they are the places that players often have to walk through when narrowing the ring.

The best weapons and equipment

The best weapon to use in conjunction with Horison’s close range abilities is definitely the R-99 or Prowler. For long-range shooting, the Longbow and Charge Rifle sniper rifles work well, as the rate of fire and continuous beam allow them to be used while on the move or in a tense situation. For the mid-range, there are no clear favorites here, although the Hemlock and the M600 Spitfire seem like good options.

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