• September 30, 2023

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Minecraft

Chocolates, flowers, teddy bears – more and more people talk about love with purchases and money spent. But even themed gifts are instantly forgotten, but actions remain in the memory for a long time.

Get stars from the sky or sing serenades in 2021 year unsafe due to unpredictable environment. Therefore, romantics from all over the world offer to congratulate the second half in Minecraft… Many are trying to get creative with congratulations: the results are often published on a social network TikTok, where to lyric music (Coldplay – Charts Again) unusual things happen, even by the standards of a pixel sandbox.

Here is an unknown guy built a railway, hitched a trolley, and then, offered the other half to ride along an unknown path and look around. Not even a couple of seconds will pass, and the girl, dodging through virtual landmarks, will reach a multi-colored sign with the inscription “I <3 U” Half of the way has been covered – new discoveries await ahead. In a moment, the trolley will reach the clouds and smoothly stop on a wooden platform located high above the ground. The girl has to get out of the trolley and find new clues. The inscription immediately catches the eye “Turn Around” (Look back) and arrow. And here is the final reunion: the heroine turns, and that pixel romantic with a love message appears on the screen. Inside the text is as follows: “You a mine forever and always. Will you be my Valentine? “

Pixel heart by February 14

In addition to trolleys in TikTok videos are common where couples gather in stylized Valentine’s Day pixel restaurants and cafes, and spend time together staring at the stars and exchanging love messages. After a virtual dinner, the heroes who have joined together (sorry not under the arm) move towards the shining moon and look at the manually recreated sights from bright pink blocks.


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♬ Sparks – Coldplay

Still, trolleys are preferred: by hashtag #Minecraft on TikTok and a minute is not complete without paved railway tracks crossing seas and oceans and moving past various pixel structures assembled from blocks in the Creative modes and much more daring Survival, which will require many times more effort, because resources must be mined manually.

Some users collect cats and teddy bears, hearts made of glass with a lock (at the end, a key is handed that opens access to love) and bright pink balls flying in the air. But sometimes romantics also arrange exclusively personal elements of the environment, reminiscent of events that happened in the past.

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♬ original sound – Liv

The trend is curious and brings millions of views and just as many likes to experimenters and enthusiasts. So, the recipe for social advancement is unusually simple? It is enough just to be in time for the trend and publish a couple of videos with a suitable hashtag.

Minecraft often becomes a place for noisy holidays. For example, this year the Chinese New Year will also be celebrated by many in this cube sandbox.

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