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How was the fate of the actors of the original film?

Agent Smith.  Morpheus.  Neo.  Matrix.  1999

Back in 1999, the film industry experienced a real shock with the release of The Matrix. It was really grandiose for its time, unlike others, a project that managed to become a cult. The main proof of the audience’s love was the incredible box office success of the tape, video games, comics and even anime based on the plot were released on the wave of popularity. The release of the next sequel “The Matrix: Resurrection” is a good reason to remember the fate of the actors of the original film: who are they now and have they succeeded?

At first glance, the tape is not too complicated, but it is sometimes difficult for an uninitiated viewer to understand it. Intelligent machines are taking over our planet and putting humans in a simulation of life. Robots use the released energy for their own feeding and only coals of resistance smolder deep underground. By a happy coincidence, Neo is pulled out of this simulation (matrix) and involved in the fight with uninvited guests.

Gloria Foster

Matrix.  Pythia.  Gloria Foster

Actress known to us for the small role of the Pythia – a local soothsayer. In the original, the character is called the Oracle, but since this word in Russian refers to the masculine gender, it was decided to replace it. Gloria also embodied her image in the first sequel to the Matrix, but she could not continue working on the franchise – the actress was crippled by diabetes and she tragically died.

Professionals do not always succeed in the film industry, and Foster is a prime example of this. She worked in the theater, became one of the main celebrities of Broadway, participated in numerous television projects.. However, the demand for Gloria in the cinema left much to be desired and the role of Pythia in The Matrix, unfortunately, became the pinnacle of her career on the big screen.

Joe Pantoliano

Matrix.  Cypher.  Joe Pantoliano

In the original Matrix the actor plays the rather complex and tragic role of Cypher. The man worked with the Morpheus team for more than 10 years, but failed to imbue the ideals of resistance. Cypher constantly suffers from domestic discomfort and makes the difficult decision to betray his comrades in order to return to the matrix.

As it becomes clear from the surname, Joe has Italian roots, although he was born in the USA. By the time of filming in The Matrix, the actor could already boast of significant experience, but really star roles bypassed him. Joe is also known for his work on the Bad Boys franchise, to which he returned in 2020 25 years after the release of the first part.. Now Pantoliano can rarely be seen on the set, but each of his appearances in a new project becomes a notable event.

Hugo Weaving

Matrix.  Agent Smith.  Hugo Weaving

This actor is not easy to forget for everyone who saw the picture “The Matrix”, because it was Agent Smith who brought the main character and his friends a lot of inconvenience. Although the character was a program designed to control people placed in the matrix, Weaving managed to embody a really interesting and attractive character. Unlike other agents, Smith has his own opinion about the events taking place, representing a danger not only to Neo, but also to intelligent machines.

Hugo started with low-budget films, but quickly earned recognition and received a lot of local awards. Gradually Weaving accelerated his career, took part in such franchises as “The Matrix”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Transformers”and Marvel fans will remember the Red Skull actor from “The First Avenger”. Weaving’s versatility and outstanding talent still help him get roles in prestigious projects today.

Carrie-Anne Moss

Matrix.  Trinity.  Carrie-Anne Moss

We gradually move on to the main characters of the picture, one of which is Trinity. She plays an important role on Morpheus’s ship, part-time girl – senior officer and love interest of Neo. Many translate the name of the character as “trinity” and consider it a reference to biblical stories.

For Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix became a springboard, thanks to which the actress gained fame and attracted the attention of directors. The girl has always been attracted to work in TV shows, so her filmography is far from being so saturated.as it could be. Moss starred in Baywatch, multi-part films based on the Marvel universe, as well as in all parts of the Matrix franchise.

Laurence Fishburne

Matrix.  Morpheus.  Laurence Fishburne

The actor plays an incredibly charismatic character, Morpheus, in The Matrix, frames with him have long been spread on the Internet as memes. A dark-skinned man is the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar ship, which opposes the intelligent machines that have enslaved the world and protects the inhabitants of the underground city. It was he who believed in the prophecy and that Neo was the Chosen One. Without it, the victory of mankind would be impossible.

As for the personality of Laurence Fishburne, he was nominated for an Oscar long before The Matrix appeared. Of course, the role of Morpheus added weight to the actor, he appeared in such franchises as “Mission: Impossible” and “John Wick”, did not disdain film adaptations of Marvel and even series. Today, Fishburne continues to be a sought-after artist and can afford to star in projects based on personal preference.

Keanu Reeves

Matrix.  Neo.  Keanu Reeves

Before us is one of the most popular Hollywood actors of recent times. It’s Keanu Reeves played the main character Neo, who turned out to be the “Chosen One” in the war of machines and humanity. Filming The Matrix: Resurrection was simply impossible without the face of the franchise, which the actor became after the release of the first part. However, Reeves, as always, justified the aspirations of the audience and returned to the role that made him famous.

It must be said that the actor has never been deprived of the attention of directors – his roles in films such as “My Own Private Idaho” and “The Devil’s Advocate” today are considered incredibly successful, although critics have previously expressed a different opinion. “The Matrix” only became the starting point that allowed Keanu to provide himself with a job for the rest of his life..

However, Reeves never chased the box office and fame – earlier he could often be seen in independent films. Today, the actor is not able to afford such a luxury – participation in a huge number of franchises simply does not leave the star time for side projects.

Wachowski brothers

Matrix.  Two pills

It would be a real crime to remember the main characters of The Matrix, but completely forget about the directors. And it’s not even that the Wachowski brothers managed to become sisters – their creative career continues and gives rise to new projects. In 1999, their names were Larry and Andrew – now relatives are named Lana and Lilly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that The Matrix is ​​their main creation as directors. True, Lilly abandoned the Resurrection project, so the entire burden of responsibility fell on Lana’s shoulders. In addition to working on sequels, they made films like Speed ​​Racer, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending – all of these tapes were failuresdid not bring money to their creators and were coldly received by the audience.

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