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How was the fate of the actors of the original film

Today, it is difficult to find a film more revered and beloved by the masses than Mortal Kombatreleased in the distant 1995 year… Despite the meager technical capabilities, Paul Anderson managed to create a truly spectacular tape, which even now fans of the franchise are happy to watch.

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Actors

This case is in many ways unique, because to remove the cool movie based on the game, which did not have a full-fledged lore, is a real art. Happy owners of consoles of that time could try on the role of their favorite heroes and create their own stories, which they were not ashamed to share with friends. Video game and film have merged to form such a powerful franchise that it has thrilled fans of the genre for over 25 years.

In 2021 year took place restarting Mortal Kombat, but it is already obvious that the deafening success of the original will not be repeated by the new movie. Despite the presence of cool effects and the most modern technical capabilities, the quality of the plot raises many questions, and even notorious optimists admit the scarcity of locations.

Today we want to remember the characters of the original film 1995 Mortal Kombat. How have your favorite characters changed? What are they doing? Who is age to face, and who is hopelessly old? We will try to answer these questions. Just do not be too sad, because time does not stand still, and changes do not always happen for the worse.

Bridget Wilson-Sampras (Sonya Blade)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Bridget Wilson-Sampras (Sonya Blade)

Every fan of the franchise will remember this hot girl who dreamed of getting revenge on Kano for killing her partner. She was a little over 20 years old, and the filmography of the actress consisted of only a few small roles (she even starred in “Santa Barbara”).

Sonya Blade brought Bridget a certain portion of fame and she was invited to various projects. Tennis lovers will be especially delighted, because in 2000 Wilson married himself Pete Sampras, with whom she is now raising two children.

In the new century, Bridget is removed quite a bit (and since 2009 she has completely tied up with this business), and does a happy and wealthy person need to work hard? Wilson doesn’t forget Mortal Kombat fans and recently voiced Sonya Blade in a video game. Mortal kombat 11

Few people know that Bridget is fond of singing, on account of her 2 studio albums released in the mid-90s, as well as several singles.

Christopher Lambert (Raiden)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Christopher Lambert (Raiden)

The God of Thunder and the ardent defender of humanity starred in Mortal Kombat when he was not yet 40 years old. The viewer immediately liked the image of a modest hero and now it is simply impossible to imagine a franchise without him.

Before working in the reporting picture, Christopher already had a fairly long career behind him, and the most high-profile project in which the actor had a chance to participate was “Highlander”… Over the past couple of decades, Lambert has starred in a huge number of films, he did not disdain voice acting, episodes and, probably, failed to fully reveal the full depth of his talent.

Christopher has several books on his account, and he is also enough successful producer… Lambert owns his own vineyards, but you will hardly be able to taste his wine, because it is sold in small quantities, mainly in Canada. Also, the actor is engaged in charitable activities and is a big fan of painting.

Robin Shu (Liu Kang)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Robin Shu (Liu Kang)

One of the main protagonists of Mortal Kombat, a Shaolin monk who wants to save humanity from destruction. Have Liu Kang and personal motive – his brother Chen died in the battle with Shang Tsung and revenge is now the guy’s main goal.

The actor is already a little over 60, but his athletic background allows Shu to remain in amazing shape. Long before filming Mortal Kombat, he practiced wushu and achieved some success at the national level. With an acting career, everything was ambiguous – small roles in Asian action films could not bring money and fame. Mortal Kombat and its sequel “Extermination” 1997 gave Robin a start in life, making him famous.

In the new century, Shu received several promising roles, but has not been removed for quite some time. Today Robin is engaged in pottery, which replaces his meditation and enjoys national dishes (a man from Hong Kong). Sometimes Shu is willing to give a master class if the actors seek advice (for example, Milla Jovovich I did not neglect such an opportunity).

Linden Ashby (Johnny Cage)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Linden Ashby (Johnny Cage)

And here is another positive character in Mortal Kombat, who enters the battle with representatives of the Outside World. By plot Johnny Cage Is a Hollywood actor who wants to prove that he really owns the martial arts, as the press never ceases to laugh at him.

Ashby, like his hero, was always not averse to using his fists. His passion for various martial arts has largely brought him a fateful role in Mortal Kombat, since the bulk of the actor’s filmography is frankly not impressive. Now Linden has crossed the 60-year mark and there is not too much information about him. Ashby has not been filming for a long time, and the last ten years have not been intense for him in terms of creative challenges.

Linden, like his partner in Mortal Kombat, Bridget Wilson-Sampras, took part in the voice acting Mortal kombat 11, which earned another respect from the fans of the franchise. Ashby also enjoys skiing and surfing. The actor has a happy personal life – he has been married since 1986 and raised two children.

Cari-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Cari-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung)

The main task of the villain in the cinema is to evoke emotions in the viewer, since the faceless antagonist immediately brings failure to the entire franchise. “Mortal Kombat” was very lucky with Tagawa, because he was able to perfectly play a cunning and arrogant character Shang Zongdreaming of destroying humanity.

At the time of filming, the Japanese-born actor was older than many of his comrades and had already celebrated his 70th birthday. Tagawa knows martial arts well, so his appearance in Mortal Kombat was no coincidence. By the way, unlike most of the actors in the franchise, Carey-Hiroyuki managed to build a pretty good career and was actively filming until recently. On account of his role in such famous projects as “Star way”, “Thunder in Paradise”, “Malibu safeguards”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Memoirs of a Geisha” – Agree, a very decent track record.

In almost all films with his participation, Tagawa plays villains, so he is very professional in this incarnation. It is curious that the actor converted to Orthodoxy in 2015 and soon received Russian citizenship. Now Tagawa lives in Hawaii and although his personal life did not work out, the man maintains friendly relations with children and ex-wives.

Talisa Soto (Kitana)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Talisa Soto (Princess Kitana)

Although Kitana was originally a negative character and the adopted daughter of the Emperor himself, it was she who became the key to the victory of earthlings over the inhabitants of the outside world. The princess came to the aid of Liu Kang and company when they needed it most and won the hearts of the audience.

Despite the fact that Soto is already deep in her 50s, she continues to look amazing. Her filmography is only a few modest pages and Talisa is filmed for pleasure rather than money. She has long been happily married to Benjamin Brett, a rather famous actor whom she met after having an affair with by the Mandilor brothers

The family brings up two children, and in her youth Talisa was a fairly successful fashion model, so her spectacular appearance should not come as a surprise – Soto knows how to keep herself in shape.

Trevor Goddard (Kano)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Trevor Goddard (Kano)

Before us is another charismatic villain – a wayward and cruel mercenary Kano… Small fish compared to Shang Tsung, but he always had his own opinions and plans.

Goddard was very successful in amateur boxing, but after becoming a professional he was seriously injured and his sports career gradually died out. Getting back in shape, Trevor fell in love with his fitness instructor – Anne McCarthy… The couple signed and had two children.

Unfortunately, Goddard never managed to find personal happiness – during the divorce proceedings, he died from an overdose of several illegal drugs. The actor was only 40 years old, and his career was booming, Trevor starred in such high-profile projects as “Gone in 60 Seconds” and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Francois Petit (Sub-Zero)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Francois Petit (Sub-Zero)

One of several secondary antagonists of the picture has freezing abilities and is an implacable opponent of Scorpio, which will be discussed below.

Francois Petit – a very unusual person. First of all, he reminded of himself not with brilliant roles in new films, but with stories about his own achievements. It is known for certain: a man has 3 dan in judo. He also claimed to have served in the French special forces, has 8th dan in Gosindo Ju-Jutsu, 7th dan in Karate-do and boasts the honorary title of Kai Den-Shihan. Unfortunately, this information could not be verified.

Petit also worked as a doctor at wrestling tournaments, although he did not have the appropriate license. Everything indicates that our Sub Zero – a great dreamer. His acting career lasted until 2010, but after Mortal Kombat, François failed to achieve high-profile success, now he is approaching his 70th birthday.

Chris Casamassa (Scorpio)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Chris Casamassa (Scorpio)

This guy cannot be confused with anyone – his signature yellow suit has become a symbol of the franchise. In Mortal Kombat Scorpio fights Johnny Cage and is, in essence, a ghost (although in appearance you cannot tell).

Casamassa – a man who has devoted his whole life to martial arts. This is not surprising if we turn to the personality of his father – the owner of his own karate school. Chris’s main goal was to get a black belt, and he made it to 7th dan before retiring from his sports career.

The guy worked as a stuntman and understudy, not relying too much on acting, cinema in his life always remained in the background. In Mortal Kombat, he got an extra scene, but the guy’s abilities turned out to be so multifaceted that the creators of the picture offered Chris a full-fledged role.

Keith Cook (Reptile)

Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 1995.  Keith Cook (Reptile)

The audience was delighted with the appearance of the green ninja, which gave the picture a special flavor. However, Keith Cook, like Chris Casamassa, devoted himself to martial arts and neglected cinema. After Mortal Kombat, on a wave of success, he landed a few small roles and said goodbye to the industry.

Cook is a master of wushu, karate and taekwondo, he owns his own school and transfers his knowledge to the younger generation. Keith has a wife and a son. His sports career was full of various successes, and the cinema allowed him to earn a little and discover new talents in himself.

Mortal Kombat is loved by gamers and for a reason, it got into our TOP-10 best films for computer games. Well, if you want more classic cinema, then check out a selection of the best films of the 21st century, undeservedly left without an Oscar.

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