• September 28, 2023

How will World of tanks change next year? New balance

One of the largest updates in the history of WoT is coming!

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and we have collected for you all the latest news on the new balance in World of tanks.

general information

From the very beginning of 2019, the developers started a nerf of special shells, which resulted in a global processing of all shells in general, and not only. The first test was already in the summer on the Sandbox server. This update is united by one common concept, which went beyond just rebalancing shells and became the new Balance.

Balance edits can be divided into two parts:

  1. Direct change in the technical characteristics of equipment;
  2. Features and mechanics associated with the technique.

Changing the roles of projectiles

Each type of shells we are familiar with has undergone certain changes:

  1. The basic one will become the most versatile and profitable (it has increased its damage by 17-24%), while still having good armor penetration (but, as we know, for many, basic breakdown is not enough). This type is the best in terms of economy (farm) and combat efficiency.
  2. The Special will now be about a quarter behind in alpha strike, but retains the highest armor penetration. In terms of economics, farming with him, as now, will be ineffective.
  3. The tactical (high-explosive) one has undergone a radical rebalance, changed the old mechanics, added new ones, removed the armor penetration indicator (you can read more about the reconfiguration of land mines on our website). In short, land mines have become more effective on small caliber guns (up to 120 mm) and less effective on large caliber guns (150 mm and above).

Increase HP

Taking into account the increased damage with the basic projectile, we again returned to one of the old problems in the game – a very small margin of safety for vehicles of 1-5 levels, which negatively affects the speed of battles. In addition, beginners sometimes do not have time to fully figure out what’s what, because the price of each mistake can cost most of the safety margin, or even immediately to the Hangar if the battle is at the bottom of the list.

The sharp transition between levels 5 and 7 is especially felt, so narrowing the gap in the margin of safety is primarily aimed at significantly increasing the life in battle.

ACS rebalance

All these changes could not pass by artillery. The settings for it were selected in such a way as to update the use of ACS for demand with a new Balance. Therefore, the arte again returned three shells, each of which has optimal use in a specific combat situation:

  1. Base – universal, with decent damage, long stun and good splash (in fact, Seto is the current version of the projectile).
  2. Special (gold) – deprived of the ability to stun the target, but increased the radius of dispersion of fragments by ≈ by 10%. and the amount of damage dealt ≈ by 20%. Suitable for use in cases where the stun will not bring tactical benefits, but it is necessary to inflict maximum damage.
  3. Armor piercing – inferior in one-time damage, but compensates for this with large armor penetration. It is advisable to use it against well-armored targets, which the rest of the shells will not be able to inflict tangible harm.

More about SPG rebalance

What will be tested next?

Such global changes entail the rework of mechanics that are closely related to them.


At the last iteration of the Sandbox test server, in addition to the usual statistics, it will be possible to find out statistics for a certain period of time. This is necessary to compare the results before and after the introduction of a new Balance, so that each player can evaluate their personal performance.

This issue is not yet closed, various technical details are being worked out.


Now in development is a complete reworking of personal combat missions, which they will try to set up by the time the new Balance is released (and some, most likely, after its release). The rebalance of shells and an increase in the safety margin directly affect the LBZ, which will be radically revised, but the developers promise to keep the complexity of their implementation.


Earning credits and repair costs need to be reconfigured so that after increasing the safety margin and damage, the income remains at the current level (especially for premium vehicles). The only thing that is known for sure is that a gold shell will still cost more.

New crew and equipment replacement in World of Tanks. What will become of the old tankers, the treatment of the crew from the “forgetfulness” of the previous equipment and why the new equipment is being introduced.

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