• November 29, 2023

Hybrid IS-4 and E 100 – what are you❓

The most stable and balanced heavy tank. In modern randomness, he copes with any task, one of the leaders in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories in 2020.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will talk about the tank, which at one time undeservedly forgotten, but now popularity is returning to it again. This is the Polish 60TP Lewandowskiego heavyweight top.

For comparison, we brought the IS-4 and E 100, from each of them the Pole took the best, personifying the perfect balance of mobility, armor and huge one-time damage. But first things first.


He has a 152 mm gun at his disposal. Alpha Strike 750 units one of the maximum for TT 10. Base armor penetration is small 250 mm, but still better than the E 100, which has the same alpha. Compared to his classmates, he has a quite acceptable turret traverse speed. Of the shortcomings, long reloading and mixing, but quite good accuracy… So the potential damage per minute of 60TP is a solid 2407 HP.


As you can see, the safety margin is also at the level “Golden mean”… The same can be said about hull booking:

  • NLD must be hidden;
  • VLD is difficult to pierce, but in the center there is a noticeable mechanic drive hatch, which is difficult to miss at close range;
  • in the frontal projection it makes its way between the base of the tower and the hull.

We can see that the armor is not without flaws, like that of the IS-4, while the “hundred” has a nominal one order of magnitude higher. However, the 60TP advantage in a strong flattened tower with a ricochet forehead… Even a tier 10 tank destroyer is difficult to penetrate, it can even tank a Yaga E100.

As practice shows, he sometimes makes his way into the gun mask. This is from the rubric: “Inexplicable, but true.”

Like everyone else, he also has a commander’s head on top, but it is small in size, so it’s not easy to target it. At the same time, he has comfortable angles of vertical guidance -8 … + 20 °, so it feels confident when playing from the relief.


The E 100 is too slow, the IS-4 is cheerful, and 60TP leisurely, but not sloppy either. The high power density provides fast acceleration and a top speed of 35 km / h. So he manages to get to the place of the main hostilities, take a wait-and-see attitude and be among the first to make a shot at the least assiduous enemy (or the most daring).


We have got a tank, which in the total set of tactical and technical characteristics turned out to be more interesting, two veterans of WoT IS-4 and E 100. Now we will designate main advantages 60TP:

  • unlike the “four”, it has better survival rate, since there are fewer vulnerable zones in the frontal projection;
  • although the guns of the “hundred” and 60TP are very similar, but the Pole’s shells fly at a speed of 900 m / s, and the German’s only 600 m / s. This is an important metric to be reckoned with when hitting a moving target.

Weaknesses 60TP Lewandowskiego steel:

  • view of 390 meters. But since the tank is larger for close and medium range, therefore, the benefits of installing equipment are better directed at increasing firepower.
  • armor penetration with a basic projectile will often be missed, and special cumulative armor is only 317 mm. This is one of the lowest indicators for TT 10. And due to its characteristics, the projectile is not always effective and the damage from it is absorbed by the screens.

As a result its disadvantages can be called a forced balancing measure, so that 60TP does not become a fierce imba. After all, if you throw on the mobility of the IS-4 and the breakdown of the cumulative from E 100, then the Pole would then tear everything that comes across on the way. And so it turned out to be a gold-dependent machine, but with a pleasant gameplay. Playing positionally from the alpha, he is able to inflict a colossal amount of damage, drag battles, perform LBZ and claim the title of one of the best heavy tanks of level 10.

By the way, a special bundle has now been released from Twitch Prime “Zulu”, which will provide two premium tanks: 50TP prototyp and Pudel… Both are perfect for combining silver farming and crew leveling for Polish vehicles. How to get in 5 minutes read here.

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