• February 20, 2024

Incorrect display of Metro Exodus on monitors with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 – what to do?

Metro Exodus has many advantages, but it is not deprived of bugs either. At times, the disrupted artificial intelligence of opponents even helps the player. But some technical miscalculations make it difficult to enjoy the visual effects of the post-apocalyptic world.

Metro exodus

Description of the problem

If you play in the 21: 9 format, the picture is stretched – the proportions are distorted, everything becomes wider. Other variants of the problem:

  • black bands appear on the sides of the monitor and it turns out that the image is displayed in proportion to 16: 9;
  • incorrect proportions appear only when creating a screenshot.

Failure can occur on any screens where the final ratio of the displayed image is wider than 16×9, 21×9, 48×9, 32×9 and the like. The bug is not related to the incorrect display size. It occurs at a resolution that is recommended by the manufacturer for this device model.


The development studio has yet to provide an official explanation for the ultra-wide display issues. Therefore, no one knows the reliable reasons. Most likely it is:

  • incorrect internal settings;
  • incompatibility with DirectX 12.

Solving the problem with Ultra Wide screens in Metro Exodus

Although the game was only released in February 2019, active fans have already found many ways to eliminate picture stretching. For example:

  1. Changing the parameter of the field of view – FOV… In the game’s configuration file, the FOV defines the viewing angle for the user. The default is 60 degrees. This is not enough for ultra-wide screens. In order to change this criterion, you need to open the user.cfg file, which is located in the following folder: C: Users your username Saved Games metro exodus X, where X is your unique identifier. It is not necessary to know it, the main thing is to remember that there are many numbers in it. The user.cfg file is opened with Notepad, you need to find the line r_base_fov 60. Then change the last number in it to 80 or 90 and save the changes. The exact value depends on what aspect ratio your monitor has. As an experiment, you can try other numbers, including less than 60.
  2. Removing user.cfg and changing video settings… First, you need to destroy the user.cfg file – its location is specified in the previous paragraph. Further, in the settings of the video adapter (for example, for Nvidia – NVIDIA Control Panel, for AMD – AMD Catalyst Control Center), disable any change in the picture. Enable scaling mode override for games and applications, as in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/vxh0MMi… If the problem persists the next time you start the game – install add-on Borderless Gaming.
  3. Changing settings in user.cfg… First, you should make sure that the following parameters are correct: r_res_hor, r_res_vert. They are in the file and set the number of points horizontally (r_res_hor) and vertical (r_res_vert). For example, if the screen resolution is 3840×1080, then similar values ​​should be in the previously indicated lines. Next, it is worth setting r_blur_level and r_game_mblur_scale values ​​to 0, and in the r_fullscreen line to off. After all the edits, be sure to save the file.
  4. Disable DirectX12… The game works fine under DirectX11.

It is recommended to combine the above solutions. In some cases, you need to perform all of them sequentially and only after that Metro Exodus will work normally on an ultrawide monitor.

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