• March 4, 2024

Instructions for solving error 0x887a0005 in Windows

Error code 0x887a0005 can appear under various circumstances. Some users report it when they try to play a video in the Photos app. Moreover, a message with a code may pop up at a certain segment of the video or after a while. There are also many users who are kicked out of the game with the same error. 0x887a0005 is spotted in Apex Legends, Armored Warfare. Although the code is the same in both cases, the fixes are different. For this reason, we have divided the guide into 2 parts: one for the Photos app and one for games.

How to fix error 0x887a0005 in games?

We will not go into detail on how to implement fixes, since almost all of them are simply performed and most likely you can do it yourself.

Ways to fix error 0x887a0005 in Apex, Armored Warfare, etc.:

  • Install an older version of the graphics drivers… In most cases, the problem is in the video drivers and appears or worsens after the next update. It is worth looking for archived versions of the software several versions lower, remove the current driver and install a new one. An alternative is to try to roll it back through the “Device Manager”.
  • Correct the registry… Some people find it helpful to change or add one parameter. In the registry editor, go to the path PC HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control GraphicsDrivers and create the TdrLevel parameter. Set it to 0 and restart your computer.
  • Change energy settings… Especially often this problem is observed with MSI video cards, and for them there is a special software MSI Afterburner. What you need to do: start the game (usually the error is not immediately displayed) and play for a couple of minutes, then go to MSI Afterburne and see the power consumption. If it is 100%, you need to set it to 70-80%. As a result, we prevent Nvidia BOOST.
  • Set the settings in the game… One of the users indicated that changing some parameters helped him: switching the damage alert from 3D to 2D, changing the tooltip style to compact, and disabling the transmission of information to the game servers.

How to fix error 0x887a0005 in Windows?

Fixing error 0x887a0005 in Photos app

In this case, the error is accompanied by the message “Update driver for video export.” The developers themselves indicate that the problem is in the drivers, but this is not always the case.

Here’s what might help:

  • Update or rollback drivers.
  • Clear Microsoft Store cache… The easiest way to do this is to paste the wsreset.exe entry into the command line and press Enter.
  • Run Store Apps Troubleshooter… There is a similar item in the system settings on the “Troubleshooting” tab.
  • Restore or reset the app… In the “Options” section, there is a tab with applications where you need to find Microsoft Photos. After clicking on 3 points in the “Additional parameters” select “Reset” or “Restore”.
  • Disable video encoding… There is one setting in the app called Use Hardware Accelerated Video Encoding When Available. It needs to be disabled.
  • Reinstall App… Everything can be done with one command get-appxpackage * Microsoft.Windows.Photos * | remove-appxpackage and that should be enough.

How to fix error 0x887a0005 in Windows?

Unfortunately, error 0x887a0005 in games may be due to a developer flaw. Often they simply have poorly implemented support for new video card drivers for some models. If you’ve done everything you can from our list, it’s most likely the game itself. In the case of error 0x887a0005 in the Photos app, the chances of success are maximum. Some step from the correction algorithm should work.

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