• February 20, 2024

Leaders in damage among tier 8 tanks in 2019🔝 2 part

Top 10 pumped tanks with the highest damage per battle. Leaders on the battlefield who lead the team.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack And today we have a leaderboard rating in terms of average damage per battle among researchable Tier 8 vehicles in 2019.

10th place

Soviet tank destroyer ISU-152, justifying the nickname “St. John’s wort” has at its level the most powerful weapon in terms of damage and armor penetration.

Note that the pre-top weapon is also quite good and already in the process of pumping allows you to adjust in battle and tip the scales in your favor.

The high firepower of the Isukha is limited by the weak armor of the hull (although the gun mantlet can sometimes tank even a dozen) and very poor maneuverability, so it will become an easy target in close combat. However, at medium and long range, due to good camouflage, it will feel more protected, and a shot at an enemy tank will become an unpleasant surprise for him. The rest of the ISU does not stand out in anything and in many aspects depends on the team.

Average damage per battle 1206 HP

9th place

German tank destroyer Jagdpanther II – fast and dangerous. It was created on the Panther II medium tank, therefore it has good dynamics, and in terms of firepower, it continues to improve the ideas laid down in its predecessor, the Jagdpanther.

The style of play is reduced to an ambush shooting and fast movement around the map to choose the best position. The car accelerates quickly, and it is very difficult to twist it. Although the armor has become better, it is not enough to enter into open confrontation, but playing from the relief due to the comfortable UVN can tank with a strong wheelhouse. The 128 mm gun has a high rate of fire, good penetration and solid damage per minute.

Average damage per battle 1219 HP

8th place

The first representative of the Swedish sub-branch Emil I. As for its class, it has good mobility, for which it pays with its weak hull armor. Its main feature is a cannon with a drum for 3 shells with a potential damage of 1080 units, which it can issue in 6 seconds. If successful, such damage will cool the ardor of any opponent. It should be noted that the general reloading of the magazine is quite fast, so it can return to service in 27 seconds.

The most effective use of the gun is assisted by the comfortable UVN and the strong frontal turret, which has rational angles of inclination of the armor.

Average damage per battle 1226 HP

7th place

Another heavy tank in our ranking, but from Poland 53TP Markowskiego. When creating this car, the developers were clearly inspired by Soviet technology, so the 53TP turned out to be quite agile and with good dynamics, but depressing maneuverability. The hull armor in his case is more a disadvantage than an advantage, so he can tank mainly when playing from a tower, which is strong enough for him. Fortunately, UVN allows you to play on hilly terrain, but in urban conditions you will have to try to find a good cover for the hull. The weapon has a high one-time damage, which allows you to play from the alpha: fired and rolled back into cover.

Average damage per battle 1241 HP

6th place

Another German tank destroyer Ferdinand, which is an alternative option in the skill tree. It differs from the Jagdpanther II with a larger silhouette and more reliable frontal armor, which allows for more confident action on the front lines. However, its advantage is limited to extremely narrow space: city streets or gorges, because Fedya is extremely clumsy. And the frontal armor is not without flaws, there are weak zones. This is worth remembering in order not to fall prey to nimble LT or annoying self-propelled guns.

The top gun is exactly the same as that of the 9th place Jagdpanther II: fast reloading combined with a decent alpha provides good DPM, and accuracy and armor penetration allow hitting even heavily armored targets at long and medium distances.

Average damage per battle 1254 HP

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