Leaders in damage among tier 8 tanks in 2019🔝 part 3

Top pumped tanks with the highest damage per battle. Leaders on the battlefield who lead the team.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack And today we have a leaderboard rating in terms of average damage per battle among researchable Tier 8 vehicles in 2019.

15th place

Soviet heavy tank, legend of the IS-3 random. Effectively combines good mobility and ricochet circular armor, which helps him to survive under the onslaught of the enemy and roll into cover in time so as not to become a victim of an SPG. It is the good survival rate that the troika manages to shoot more damage, because with the correct use of the bulwarks, you can tank absolutely any vehicle at the level, and it will be difficult to pierce the turret’s forehead. Therefore, the competent choice of position and the ability to tank are very important here. The main thing is not to forget about the poor declination of the weapon, in order to reserve the opportunity to inflict damage.

A powerful top gun, it has high one-time damage, high armor penetration and relatively fast reload time compared to this caliber. Poor accuracy and long aiming force to fight exclusively at close range.

Average damage per battle 1141 HP

14th place

The British heavy tank Caernarvon, which is already starting to resemble the top of its tree. You will have to start with a stock gun from Black Prince, which has a very small alpha strike. So until you open the chassis and the turret, you won’t be able to install a new cannon, so many people initially suffer from average damage per battle.

Caernarvon is a strong support tank. Its armor is mediocre, but its firepower is excellent. Its top gun is accurate, fast-firing and with high armor penetration, which allows it to conduct targeted and, most importantly, effective fire at medium and long range. Feels good on hilly terrain, where it can tank with a strong enough turret and adjust damage due to convenient UVN. And the view is quite enough to independently highlight opponents.

Average damage per battle 1170 HP

13th place

Italian medium tank P44. Pantera is one of the few representatives of its class who managed to break into this rating. Its survival is extremely weak: its weak hull armor and a large silhouette make it an attractive target at the first light. Therefore, the “Italian Panther” can only rely on its own weapon.

The main feature that appears in Italian STs starting from level 8 is drum recharging mechanism, which allows you to play as a technique with a cyclic reloading, and if necessary, quickly discharge a magazine of three shells in order to sell or finish off a vulnerable enemy. The cannon has a small alpha-strike, but decent armor penetration, high projectile speed and good accuracy, and comfortable UVN allows you to play from the terrain and not expose a vulnerable hull.

Average damage per battle 1195 HP

12th place

The American T28 tank destroyer is distinguished by very powerful frontal armor, which is too tough for even many “nines”. But at close range, you can target a vulnerable kombuchenka or NLD, and the sides are completely without armor. Add to this poor mobility and no maneuverability, then the car turns out to be very dependent on the map and cover of allies. But with the right choice of position, especially in the defense or holding the direction, this tank destroyer can show itself perfectly if it does not let the enemy get close and this is helped by an excellent weapon.

When taking a position, remember about the weak armor of the roof, so it is desirable that there is a shelter nearby from the enemy SPG.

The top T28 cannon has high penetration, a large alpha-strike and a fairly fast reload time and, as a result, a high DPM. Aim time and accuracy are also quite good. The main drawback of the weapon is the high cost in experience, so some pass it for freedom or endure it in stock, which affects the average damage.

Average damage per battle 1202 HP

11th place

The Swedish tank destroyer UDES 03 is a master of ambushes, thanks to its low silhouette and, as a result, excellent camouflage. In terms of stealth, it even surpassed the German “Borshch”. The second feature is the presence of a hydropneumatic suspension, which is activated when switching to a siege mode. Then the elevation angles are significantly improved, which allows you to fire even from the skeleton of a damaged small tank, low windows or hills. But if UDES 03 is still found, then it is difficult to leave the danger zone quickly, because in siege mode the speed is only 5 km / h, and to go to marching mode, you need to wait 2 seconds. She has no armor, so it often gets several penetrations at the first light, and the safety margin is small.

Travel mode guarantees a high top speed, which allows you to quickly take key positions. Now let’s talk about a weapon that has a couple of distinct advantages: the best armor penetration among classmates, high projectile speed, and excellent accuracy. The main thing is to monitor the situation in battle in order to quickly move and provide fire support to the allies, or simply leave in time for a safer distance, without waiting for the light.

Average damage per battle 1206 HP

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