• February 20, 2024

light, medium and heavy armor – what’s the difference?

What do you think is the most important piece of equipment in The Outer Worlds? Some of you may say that this is a weapon – and you’d be right! However, we believe that such equipment is armor. There are three types of armor in The Outer Worlds: light, medium, and heavy. Moreover, the armor in this game not only protects against damage received, but also grants special bonuses, many of which cannot be achieved by regular pumping.

Let’s take a look at the most important armor facts in The Outer Worlds:

  • The developers from Obsidian Entertainment decided to simplify the armor system in their project, and therefore it consists of only (!) Two parts: a breastplate and a helmet. Simply put, you will not find gloves, boots and pants in this game. The same applies to your companions and other characters in the open world. Let’s not forget: a breastplate and a helmet are all armor.
  • To see the characteristics of equipped armor, look through the window with its description in your inventory. The largest number is the armor protection level.
  • Some armor sets can reward the player with a number of special bonuses. One armor can improve hacking skills, another – melee, and so on. I would like to note that the game does not force you to stick to any one armor – you are free to wear whatever suits the current situation.
  • As we said above, there are three types of armor in the game: light, medium and heavy. The heavier the armor, the higher its level of protection. Nevertheless, light armor often grants the player a bunch of useful bonuses, while heavy armor, on the contrary, imposes certain penalties. Medium armor is somewhat of an intermediate option. Simply put, it makes sense to use all three types of armor.
  • Each type of armor has its own durability indicator. The more damage an armor takes, the lower its condition indicator. To restore this show (repair armor), you need to visit the workbench or one of the traders in the open world. On the workbench, by the way, various modifications can be installed in the armor, giving specific bonuses.

Now, in terms of armor protection, some online players claim that they don’t quite understand the system. In the description of the armor, you can see the protection indicator – is it a percentage, a level, or what in general? It’s actually very, very simple.

Let’s imagine that you were impatient to undress and you were hit by a shot with 200 damage, and your inventory contains armor with 45 protection. How much damage would you take if your character was equipped with this armor? The answer is 155. That’s right, the defense stat literally tells you how much damage will be blocked by the armor.

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