• October 3, 2023

Mass Effect: Worst Relationship Partners

Fans are counting down to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, scheduled for May 14, 2021. The developers have kept the original content, leaving the romance lines unchanged.

Mass Effect TOP 10 Worst Relationship Partners

To enjoy the passage of your favorite episode, it is useful to know which novels have a chance of success, and which of the characters it is better not to mess with. The article will discuss the worst companions of the protagonist.

10. Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Mass Effect

Although the first Mass Effect is considered a benchmark by fans, the romance line is downright weak. And this is due to the object of adoration for the male commander – Ashley Williams.

In addition to a considerable portion of xenophobia that she overcomes during the events of the first part, Ashley is not very loyal and refuses to help Shepard due to her cooperation with Cerberus. And in Mass Effect 3, he will shoot at the former boyfriend in a certain development of events.

9. Reyes Vidal

Reyes Vidal Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda had a chance of success with thoughtful romance lines, but Reyes Vidal is not the case. The dark horse in Ryder’s team.

The crew almost unanimously recommends not to contact him during the game. And they rarely agree.

8. Samara

Samara Mass Effect

The Asari Justicar is an interesting character, but the romantic nature will not do the trick for players hoping for a relationship. This may be a BioWare flaw, but she can only kiss Shepard if she has an interest and the player uses the Hero’s lines.

In the Citadel DLC, the commander will be able to invite her to the apartment and (if there are no other romances), even kiss her. At the same time, Samara will not mind. However, you should not count on a warmer relationship.

7. Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor Mass Effect

Deserves Worst Lover status in Mass Effect five times. The only one who will cheat: if you start a relationship in the second part, then the third will reveal the truth that Jacob met another and she is already pregnant. Therefore, the heroine should look for a replacement.

The most boring character. The writers admitted that they created the second Kaidan and are sorry, because Jacob is quickly forgotten.

6. Morint

Morint Mass Effect

It is strange that such a negative character managed to get into Shepard’s trust. The only way to drag on the “Normandy” and start a romance – the elimination of his mother, Samara. There is very little use for it in Mass Effect 3.

In the end, Morint will still have to be eliminated: the Reapers will find her and turn into a monster.

5. Diana Allers

Ahlers Mass Effect

Fans don’t like her because she was added to the project as an additional romance character. Has nothing to do with the plot, serves only for dialogues between missions. It is strange that it was she who was added, although Shepard also contacted other media representatives in previous parts.

You can kiss once. The relationship will not progress further.

4. James Vega

James Vega Mass Effect

Fans have mixed feelings about James since joining the team. Not yet the same loyal friend as Garrus or Tali, but some wanted to have a romantic relationship with him. The Citadel DLC provided such an opportunity.

However, it looks more like a temporary “drunken wave” craze at Shepard’s party. James is not feeling well and remembers little when he wakes up.

3. Gil Brody

Gil Brody Mass Effect

Another character from “Andromeda” and the most “forgotten” novel available. Gil is the ship’s chief engineer and poker buddy. If you pay attention, it will quickly become a romantic partner.

At the same time, the novel is formulaic and will end quickly.

2. Kelly Chambers

Kelly Chambers Mass Effect

Appears for the first time in Mass Effect 2. Kelly is the psychologist in charge of the mental and physical health of the team. Worst novel, as it does little and is not remembered. At the end of the second part, it turns out that he is leaking information to the chapter of “Cerberus”.

Can easily die in the “Suicide Mission” in Mass Effect 2 or after an altercation with Shepard in the 3rd part.

1. Javik

Javik Mass Effect 3

The last of the Protheans appeared in the Out of the Ashes DLC. Not romantic, cold, communicates with everyone condescendingly. A one-night stand is only possible within the Citadel DLC, by analogy with James Vega.

In a separate article, you can find out about the 8 best partners for Shepard.

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