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mobs and methods of dealing with them, useful loot

In the mountain biome, Vikings are often killed by various monsters. Therefore, we disassembled each aggressive creature separately: methods of struggle, drop-out, as well as types of enemies.

Lone wolf

The Valheim Mountains are considered one of the the harshest biomes in the game. This location has bad weather and many aggressive monsters. Freeze effect seriously worsens combat. And at night it is not safe to walk here at all, as you can easily stumble upon Fenrings!

While weather conditions can be easily dealt with using frost-resistant meads or wolf hide equipment, the situation with monsters is quite different. All creatures will initially be hostile to the player. Therefore, you should know the features of each mob for better combat. This will allow the Viking to significantly improve your chances for survival.


The wolf yearns alone for his comrades

They move in a group. One pack can contain from 1 to 4 wolves. You should be wary of these animals, as they are very fast.

Loot from wolves:

  1. Raw meat. It is one of the main ingredients in the game. You can cook sausages and stewed turnips in the future.
  2. Wolf Fang. Used to craft weapons and armor.
  3. The skin of the wolf. An important piece of equipment. Allows you to craft a helmet and a cloak. Can be used in construction: a dragon bed is created, as well as a wolf rug.
  4. Trophy: wolf. Used to craft a wolfskin cloak.

Don’t forget about the opportunity to tame these wild animals!

Locks, wolves and boars – tamed animals in the game. Mountain dwellers can be tamed with raw meat: we throw it next to a wild animal. At the same time, the wolf should be calm. He shouldn’t attack anyone. Most often, experienced players lure these proud animals into homemade paddockso they can’t get out. Then the raw meat is thrown. Done! The Viking gets a reliable friend who will help in any battle. If you try, then over time you can acquire a whole army of wolves.

There are 3 types of these wild animals in the game. Each has own characteristics:

  1. 0 star wolves. They have 80 points of health and deal 70 slashing damage.
  2. 1-star wolves… They have 160 units of health and deal 105 slashing damage.
  3. 2 star wolves. They only appear at night. They have 240 points of health and deal 140 slashing damage.

Tips for fighting wolves

Sly wolf near the Viking building

Recommended block their attacks. This is much better than parrying as it allows you to strike quickly. Next, you should continue blocking. Parrying is only suitable for dealing a large number of hits.

You can use ranged weapons. This will allow keep animals at a distance… However, you should shoot accurately, as the player will have very little time to prepare for hand-to-hand combat.

Wolves are immune to spirit damage.

Do not forget about domestication these animals. Own wolves will not attack the player but they will become a weighty support in the battle with other creatures.


Drake Lair

Ice dragons in the Mountains protect their nests. Thanks to its Frosty breath, Drakes can significantly slow down the character’s speed.

Valheim presents There are 3 varieties of these dragons:

  1. 0 star dragons. They have 100 points of health and deal 90 ice damage.
  2. 1 star dragons. They do 135 cold damage, and also have 200 health units.
  3. 2 star dragons. They have 300 points of health and deal 180 ice damage.

Items drop Frost gland and Trophy: dragon.

Tips for dealing with drakes

A second before falling under the icy breath!

Dragons have own style of fighting. They first use their icy breath and then fly in a circular path. Further, the drakes repeat these actions. Understanding this cycle allows you to better manage the fight.

The best weapon is Bow and arrows… Dodging attacks, the player can easily hit the dragons. However, you should be as careful as possible! Drake can push a viking off a cliffwhen using ice breath. It is also worth remembering that these dragons are immune to cold damage, so ice arrows will be useless. Against the drakes should use fire damage – these creatures receive a high level of damage from this element.

A viking should constantly listen while in a mountain biome. Dragons can usually be heard faster than seen. Therefore, you need to closely monitor what is happening. It will be good to invite a friend with you to hunt. So, a comrade can use a harpoon – this will immobilize the dragon, and then it will become an easy prey for the players.

Stone golems

Stone golem in the night

They are initially dormant. From a distance it may seem that these are ordinary stones. However, when the player walks near them, the stone golem can suddenly wake up. You can distinguish a pile of stones from these creatures by their heads, which clearly stand out against the general background.

Stone golems have a huge amount of healthso fighting them is not easy. These creatures drop: stones, crystals and Trophy: Stone Golem.

These mobs have 3 types:

  1. 0 star golems. They have 800 points of health and deal 110 bludgeoning damage and 110 piercing damage.
  2. 1 star golems. They have 1600 units of health, 165 bludgeoning damage and 165 piercing damage.
  3. 2 star golems. They have 2400 health points. Deal 220 bludgeoning damage and 220 piercing damage.

There are also 2 varieties that differ in the method of attack: golems with boulders (stone hands) and golems with thorns.

Tips for fighting stone golems

Unpleasant meeting

The best way to defeat these creatures is a pickaxe. They are resistant to fire, cold, spirit, poison, as well as cutting and piercing damage. However, an ordinary mining tool is quite capable of replacing real weapons! Even bow and arrow won’t help against these mobs. Therefore, it is worth preparing in advance for hand-to-hand combat.

Important know exactly the fighting style each variety. Spiked Golem can shoot them of the enemy, as well as to make a melee attack by 180 degrees. Boulder Golem Deals quick attacks with one handhowever, it sometimes attacks slowly using both limbs.

When fighting these creatures you should always go behind them. They are slow, so such maneuvers will be most effective. Also, if it becomes necessary to avoid a fight, the player can always follow narrow paths or try to climb a sheer cliff. The golem, due to its size and speed, simply cannot follow the Viking.



Monsters similar to werewolves or wolves. The key feature of Fenrings is the appearance exclusively at night… By themselves, they are brown. They are much larger in size than wolves.

Fenrings attack in two ways. The first is normal attacks. The second is the rapid jumps from the squat. Each variant has its own damage indicator.

Like other creatures, fenrings have their star subspecies:

  1. 0-star Fenring. They have 300 units of health. The first type of attack deals 85 damage. When jumping, 95 damage.
  2. 1 star Fenring. Has a health indicator of 600 units. Deals 127.5 damage on a normal attack. In the second version, 142.5 damage.
  3. 2 star Fenring. Possess 900 health points. The first attack deals 170 damage. The second is 190.

Items drop when killed Wolf Fang and Trophy: Fenring.

Tips for dealing with Fenrings

Meeting Fenring late at night

Just like Drakes, have a characteristic sound. Therefore, you should listen to what is happening around. Fenrings make a howl, however, it does not look like a wolf. So these creatures are easy to spot.

It is better to fight these monsters using fire. It’s theirs main weakness… But it is worth remembering that Fenrings are resistant to poison damage, so poisoning these creatures is useless. They also recover easily after parrying. Plus, they apply huge damage in the second attack option. So, if you see Fenring preparing to jump, it is better to run away from him.

In Valheim, you cannot do without a general guide, as well as instructions for crafting and a list of cheat codes, especially if this is your first playthrough. We also recommend reading about how to defeat bosses, collect iron and bronze, and how to sail and fish.

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