• July 5, 2022

Most Failed Games in 2021 – Top 5 Worst Games

The main releases of 2021, which were actively promoted, were discussed, but they still did not meet expectations.

top 5 most failed games in 2021

It would seem that Cyberpunk 2077 could be an excellent vaccine against gaming expectations and a science for other developers. A year has passed CD Project Red continues to repair his creation, and the phrase “And there were some conversations” has not gone anywhere. Cyberpunk level failures this year may not have happened, but 5 expected projects, judging by their assessments and player feedback, managed to upset the community. And even not so much upset as to cause righteous anger.

Let’s figure out why these high-profile releases turned out to be a pimple and disappointment for millions of players.

Far cry 6

The main problem with Far Cry 6 is that it is just another FarCry, albeit with cockfighting, a strong protagonist and screechingly adorable amigos (Chorizo ​​is the cutest creature that has appeared in games this year).Far cry 6

Cockfighting, by the way, became one of the reasons for indignation. From the start of sales, animal rights activists, so far to no avail, demand to remove cruel entertainment. But aggressive birds are far from the main reason for the low user rating of Far Cry 6.

The project, no doubt, came out beautiful and well tailored. But … Following many reviewers, I want to return to the times Far cry 3 and to quote one charismatic pirate: “Madness is the exact repetition of the same action. Time after time, in the hope of change. ” But Ubisoft I clearly forgot about these words. There is nothing revolutionary in the history of the revolution. Actually, there is nothing more to say about the new Far Cry.

Rating: 75 from critics and 3.6 from players on Metacritic

Call of Duty: Vanguard

After the Cold War story campaign, Vanguard is definitely not what players expected to see. The projects, even if they were created by different studios, belong to the same series and such an abyss in the quality of execution, elaboration, history is something beyond good and evil. Apparently, the times when the series strove for at least some historicity are left behind. Now the “witchcraft”, on sensations, turns into a military action, in the spirit Battlefield bad company and “Inglourious Basterds”Call of Duty: Vanguard

If Cold War pleased with the quality of performance, and Bad Company – with fervor, then Vanguard makes you smile only with funny bugs and shortcomings. Enemies, through which bullets pass without any harm, disappearing sandbags and the same animation of NPCs playing cards and checkers. The stories of the squad members are not impressive, there is no chemistry between them. White threads stick out from the plot, with which it is sewn.

No, one cannot say that everything is bad. The transition from the pre-renderer to the gameplay is striking in its smoothness, the models, when they are not buggy, look beautiful, the optimization is not bad. And then the one who bought Vanguard goes into multiplayer mode, learns hellishly inconvenient respawn points, indistinct shot spread, weapon characteristics that you cannot figure out without 100 grams – and those few advantages that the campaign gave out remain somewhere far away.

Rating: 72 from critics and 3.4 from players on Metacritic

Battlefield 2042

Performance issues, bugs, lopsided network code, and a not-for-everyone interface – Battlefield 2042 has stayed true to the sad tradition of the series. The conversations about the scale map and storytelling through the gameplay were interesting. In fact, the huge maps turned out to be simply boring, and only an arechologist or a fan of Miyazaki’s work can dig up the plot in battle. But the first is unlikely to spend time on this, and the second will not dare to call it a plot.

Battlefield 2042

Capturing on giant maps quickly becomes extremely boring, and even for Breakthrough, the dimensions are clearly excessive. The classes were replaced by specialists and this is another reason for the fans’ dissatisfaction. We spice it up with technical problems and the evaluation questions are quickly dropped.

It is expected that after that heads flew. Oscar Gabrielson left DICE, took the post of general manager Rebecca Cutazwho previously directed Ubisoft annecy… The management of the series, which they plan to unite into one universe, has become a legendary human game dev – Vince Zampella, The “father” of another franchise, the last part of which, ironically, also ended up in this top – Call of duty… Time will tell whether something will change for the better.

At the same time, sales of Battlefield came out by no means so disastrous. According to insiders, 2042 lost to the third part, but bypassed the first and fourth. However, fans of the series were unhappy with the direction that the developers of Battlefield 2042 chose.

Rating: 68 from critics and 2.2 from players on Metacritic

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

If someone thought that “feat” Blizzard 2020 from Warcraft III: Reforged difficult to repeat, then in vain. Rockstar games it succeeded. And again the victim is the “holy cow” of many gamers, this time – a trilogy Gta… The scheme is still the same: the long-awaited announcement of the remaster, the waiting, the originals were removed from the sale, the release and … Reforged, suddenly, ceased to seem so unsuccessful. Because look at renewed GTA III, Vice city and San andreas it is impossible without tears.

Art design and graphics are words that can only be used in quotes in conjunction with these remasters. All improvements are lost behind the krinzh-inducing models. The bug sits on the bug and drives the bug. And not all of them belong to the category of “tribute to the classics”: some of the mini-games turned into a waste of time, and the censorship ruthlessly ran through many of the GTA chips, which at one time made it stand out from the background of other games.

Understating the numbers on Metacritics is already a common thing, remember only the sad story with The Last of us 2. But GTA Trilogy is a rare case where there are no questions to those who gave the project a minimum score. This is an updated “Wait for it!”but from the world of video games.

Now the studio is repenting of its sins. The original versions have returned to stores, and the updated ones undertake to bring them up to a less shameful level. The only question is whether people can forget about what they got at the start.

Rating: 49 from critics and 0.5 from players on Metacritic


For a reason, Biomutant has the highest user rating of all on this list. Project THQ Nordic turned out to be really cute, with the right message and curious lore. The project has been worked out, it does not have any critical technical problems. You can create any mohnatika you want. The developers even got confused by writing their own language for the creatures inhabiting their world.Biomutant

But it seems that 18 peoplewho made the game swung at too big a piece of the pie. For each plus, there is quickly found some “but”. An excellent character editor, but you stop seeing your mutant as soon as you put on your equipment. An important topic of ecology, but you do not remember and think about it for long, and they remind about it not so actively. Although the remnants of a former civilization, which regularly catch our eye, look impressive. The open world is beautiful, but there is quickly nothing to do on it. It can be seen that the authors tried to both work out the plot and think over the combat system, the problem is that almost everywhere they just barely made it up. And in conjunction with the fact that the game about mutated animals was expected, at the exit Biomutant caused a flurry of negativity. Especially considering that it cost a full price.

The verdict is this: it is not enough to be “kind” and “beautiful” for the audience to calmly accept the price tag is 3.5 thousand rubles… Biomutant is truly worth buying and playing. But only at a discount. This is not a bad game, but not as good as everyone expected.

Rating: 67 from critics and 6.3 from players on Metacritic

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