• March 4, 2024

Nerf of wheeled vehicles in 2020. First details

The developers have finally listened to the requests of the players and have already outlined the main directions of the nerf.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you, and today, to the chagrin of the wheel owners and, to the delight of the opponents of French armored vehicles, we will get acquainted with the first ideas for nerfing these LTs.

Prerequisites for a nerf

The developers were pushed to such measures by the alignment that the wheels gradually filled with random, starting from March they came close to the T-100 LT in terms of the number of battles played. But only Soviet LT can leave something against these armored vehicles.

Why are light tanks of the USSR countering French armored vehicles?

But still, a clear advantage remains with the “wheels”, which was clearly demonstrated by the last season of Ranked Battles. Often the team won, in which the chariot played against a conventional tracked LT… And there is no need to talk about how the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) premier tank bends on the Front Line, its owners take a major or general in every battle. In random, they also, starting from level 8, deliver a lot of inconvenience, especially if one of the teams only has ordinary LT.

I believe that many of us have had situations where, while firing at one of the EBRs, we only heard “Hit” in response, but no damage. Given their speed and maneuverability, it is far from always possible to get on the move, and every miss or damage absorbed by the wheels is critical.

The victims of wheeled scouts can become not only clumsy heavy weights and tank destroyers, but also medium tanks and almost all light tracked vehicles.


The primary goal of the changes is to increase damage to the wheels to increase the slowdown effect. Since at the moment it is impossible to stop the wheel, therefore it does not even count the damage according to your intelligence for knocking down tracks (this is a technical nuance, since this parameter is calculated the same for all tanks, only armored vehicles have no tracks, so the algorithm does not apply to them ).

If these changes do not have the proper effect on reducing the efficiency of the “wheels”, then the next changes in performance characteristics:

  • decline engine power (will increase the time required for her to gain maximum speed);
  • reducing the steering angle will make the car less maneuverable;
  • will make changes to the artifacts responsible for experience accrual for the transfer of intelligence;
  • perhaps other players will be given experience for wheel damage

Efficiency in randomness and entertaining statistics

According to the developers, now mostly skilful audience plays on the wheel with an average percentage victories on account about 55-60%… At the same time, they clarify that ordinary players (let’s call it a lack of skill) simply do not reach the tops of the branches. And therefore, they focus on the fact that French armored vehicles are demanding on the player’s skills (well, you can’t argue with them in this).

And one more interesting observation – all skill wheel owners have a win rate higher than the overall win rate. For example, a 62% player has 64-65% wins on brnemachines. Because wheeled cars have it.

Also, the developers say that the survival time in battle for wheeled vehicles is about the same as tracked LT. And the fact that, because of the wheels, they are often not punctured, they say, is compensated by a lower margin of safety – parity… With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that players who have mastered this type of technique play it quite often.

And finally a few facts:

  • despite the fact that the dynamics of wheeled vehicles is better than that of standard LT only by 20%, they travel 2 times more distance on the map;
  • by 12% chariots damage more equipmentthan other LT;
  • armored vehicles most often clash with allies (but this, perhaps, and so everyone noticed themselves)

What do you think about this? Do you need a nerf?

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