• November 29, 2023

New Avowed Game – Skyrim Assassin?

A grandiose project is preparing to release from Obsidian Entertainment – experts in the world of fantasy with a large army of fans.


With a loud statement, the developers Obsidian Entertainment announced a new game “Avowed”, which will challenge the “eternal” Skyrim. This is a good kick in the ass “Gazebo”, which played with their online projects The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, delaying the release of the sixth part of The Elder Scrolls.

The Obsidians have already established a reputation as a solid studio with good projects in that chile:

  • Fallout: New Vegas (but released a Bethesda game)
  • Pillars of Eternity;
  • The Outer Worlds.

There are others in which they took part in the development or did it personally, but let’s look at the new game, what is so special about it.

The events of the game will unfold in the universe Pillars of Eternity, the fantasy world of Eora. The game already has its own ENT, some of which will be transferred to a new project, so sometimes iconic sights with their own history will be encountered.Avowed

The main part of the plot will be spent on a certain island “The Living Lands”.Avowed locations

The first and most important criterion by which they are going to surpass TES 5: Skyrim – large open world… It will definitely be bigger than in Skyrim, while they want to make it more intense and “alive” (every action of the player will have a response and consequences). The locations are supposed to be made more beautiful and more contrasting. There are now 2 large cities under development with many villages, which will be scattered around:

  • desert areas;
  • wild forests;
  • high mountains;
  • deep rivers.

According to the first information, the developers relied on the physics of water and fog, and real-time changing weather will have a direct impact on the gameplay. At a minimum, we are talking about the fact that in the rain it will not always be possible to use fire, and in the field of view it will deteriorate in fog. The character knows how to swim for sure, perhaps we will face battles on the water (with monsters and aggressive locals of the island).Avowed

There will be a lot of enemies and neutral characters, so they will not get bored while traveling.Avowed

The main character, by the will of fate and the Gods (yes, they will also have their say in the campaign of the plot) will oppose tyranny. Something similar happened in Skyrim, if you join the Stormcloaks.Avowed
They promise an advanced character creation editor, although now you won’t surprise anyone.

The combat should be very dynamic, it will be possible to combine magic (mysterious runes) and melee weapons. I believe many players will appreciate freedom of action in relation to NPC: th

  • complete freedom of choice in dialogues;
  • no restrictions on interaction;
  • if you don’t like someone, you can kill him (but this way you can skip some of the quests).

Many companions will be able to accompany the main character on his travels. They will be scattered all over the world, and some are tied to certain factions. By the way, according to preliminary data, there will be much more factions in the game than in Skyrim (there are no details yet, but it sounds intriguing).

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