• September 30, 2023

New Cheat for Among Us 11.17 for PC (MoonAU)

It’s hard to imagine this online mafia without cheats. They both help make the game more fun and destroy its potential. However, some mods are especially interesting and difficult to pass by.

Cheat for Among Us for PC (MoonAU)

Among As never ceases to amaze his players with new interesting updates, however the main gameplay is still added by unusual mods. Some of them just change the gameplay, while others can completely turn the game around. If you have updated and you need a new Among Us cheat for PC, we advise you to turn your attention to MoonAU. To understand if you need this cheat, we recommend read our article and find out what functionality it has and how the installation goes. The mod download links are below.

Cheats are provided for informational purposes only. The site administration is not responsible for the consequences of their installation and use.

MoonAU cheat features

Among As MoonAU

MoonAU is a working cheat for Among As, which was one of the first to receive the update. It has a huge number of features that the developer has grouped to take up less screen space. Thanks to this, you can constantly monitor the gameplay and become literally omnipotent. There are 6 groups of settings in total:

  1. Bans. Allows you to kick any player from a game that has already started.
  2. Player. You can adjust the speed of movement of game models, the size of the illuminated part of the map and the radius of destruction of the enemy (if you are a traitor).
  3. A game. In this section, you can start an emergency meeting (even if the character is at the other end of the map from the button), show who is playing as the impostor and who has already been killed.
  4. Tasks. You can automatically complete all tasks.
  5. Other players. Allows you to teleport to anyone,
  6. Mini map with radar. Activates the radar, makes it possible to install special filters on it (for example, show only traitors).

Please note that in the functionality of this cheat there is no way to always be a traitor, and also to get access to all paid content… You will need other mods for this.

How to install a new mod for Among As

Among As

The installation process is simple, but painstaking. For the cheat to work correctly and the game does not crash, you need follow instructions carefully and read the FAQ. All you need to play Among Us with cheats is:

  1. Disable antivirus program.
  2. Download cheat and Injector from our site. Download links are below.
  3. Install Injector on your computer.
  4. Open this program and through it select the file with the cheat (extension .dll).
  5. Using the tips of the Injector himself, build your new mod into Among As.
  6. Wait until the end of the process and save the changes.
  7. Turn on antivirus.

After these steps, you can play Among Us with cheats absolutely free. Please note that this mod only works on PC and exclusively with the licensed version from Steam.

Using cheats


After the cheat is installed directly into the game, all its functions will automatically open for the gamer. However, to start using them, you need to open the admin console.

  • To open the menu with cheats, you need to press the button Insert… If this key on the keyboard did not work, then press simultaneously Fn and Insert.
  • The radar should turn on automatically. If this did not happen, press the F10 button on the keyboard and it will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. You can customize the radar in the main cheat menu.

Unfortunately in this version of the mod there is no Russian language. To make it easier for you to use the cheat, we have translated all its functions in this article. You can use our description if something is not clear.

Otherwise, even a person who is poorly versed in computers can use this simple cheat for Among As. You can switch settings both in the lobby and right during the match. The radar acts as a convenient mini-map, on which, if desired, you can turn off the demonstration of other players. Then he won’t be a cheat, just a handy addition to the main game.

Download new working cheat for Among Us (MoonAU)

Download Injector:

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive (password 777)

Download the MoonAU cheat menu:

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I disable antivirus software?

Antivirus software partners with game developers and mark all cheats as Trojans or other viruses. This is to ensure that players do not use them and play fair. On our site you will find only verified cheats that do not contain real viruses, but the antivirus program will still react to them.

Can I get banned for cheats?

Yes, not too long ago developers have improved their anti-cheat, so now you can get banned for using such mods. Therefore, we do not recommend using them in random matches, but only with your friends and exclusively with their consent.

Cheats do not work (or not all work).

Some mod features are open only to the creator of the game. Try to become a host and check if the cheats are working properly.

Also, problems with the mod may arise due to improper installation. Reinstall the cheat, maybe this will fix the problem.

How to remove a mod and start playing fair?

It’s pretty simple, you only need remove Among Us from your computer and after that download it from TRIM again.

If you don’t like this mod, you can check out our selection of useful addons. Here are all the best cheats for Among Us. They are unusual, suitable for both PC and Android, and are regularly updated. Each mod has a detailed description and installation instructions.

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