New Content in WoT: What Will Developers Introduce?

Plans to expand the game in the final stages for solo players, clan activities, and PvE modes.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we invite you to learn more about the new content in World of Tanks, which is planned, and the game developers are already working on something.

First of all, the main question endgame content (aka High-End Content) – development of the game at high levels of technology… Now this is a problematic topic, since there is nothing to do besides the Global Map. And many players do not swing “tens” at all, but hang at more profitable levels in terms of silver.

Now the developers have added the Skirmish mode for a few days, which will allow you to farm 1,200,000 silver in 3 days. You can still drag players to 10 levels.

In modern MMOs, the focus is on the final stages of the game. Projects that have nothing to do at high levels lose their audience very quickly. Therefore, now one of the main directions is to make Globalka more interesting so that it attracts not only skillful or those with a lot of free time, but all players in general. That is, they want to make her less skill-dependent and nerdy.

Perhaps they will add more communication between players and clans, will add some elements of diplomacy, armistice, production, economy and, of course, military operations. Now there are fortified areas, but among the underdeveloped clans, even they do not cause much interest.

But to implement such plans, it is necessary to establish in-game communication between players, for example non-verbal communication… You can interact with allies without words by clicking on the mini-map (not only on squares, as it is now in the random house, but will transfer dynamic clicks from the Front Line). Perhaps in the future it will be possible to show allies points or positions without resorting to using the map at all in order to organize team actions.

In terms of PvE content, the developers are going to develop the theme of historical events. For example, in May, players will have to unite in groups in the “Road to Berlin” event with a reward in the form of a level 7 premium tank. In the future, one of the options is to recreate the “Kursk Bulge”.

For solo players, in addition to marks, masters and tank ratings, it is planned to develop “System of achievements 2.0”… Details about this have not yet been disclosed. For team play, the Global Map remains the main focus. They promise new interesting things, but again, so far only intrigue, no details.

In the meantime, all attention is focused on the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the WoT. If you are interested in how the project developed, you can read an overview of all the acts of the formation of the game.

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