New gifts to tankers for quarantine in April

Free premium account and premium tanks, new promotions, events and discounts. The developers support the players as much as possible during the period of self-isolation.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and on the agenda is another portion of freebies from VG. For many, forced weekends continue, so in order not to get bored in the game, the developers throw events and gifts to the players. By the way, the issuance of rewards for the 3rd season of Ranked Battles has already begun, and in the random house you can already find Kampfpanzer 50 t.


Promotion starts on April 17 “Battle of Berlin”:

  • х5 experience for the first victory;
  • х3 when converting Free XP to Crew XP;
  • 50% discount on crew retraining and skill reset for in-game gold;
  • 25% discount for changing specialties;
  • you can also expand the barracks at a 50% discount.

We also remind you that there are now promotions for Cosmonautics Day, and for 1 victory you can get a cult game from Wargaming as a gift.

Now you can watch in the game the countdown of the beginning of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks. In the main menu, the progress bar is filled every day and new riddles with numerical answers appear, summing up which you can get a special bonus code

Answers to all riddles + bonus code.

The third stage of the Front Line starts at the end of April, and next month it will be possible to pick up one of the award tanks. If you have any difficulties with farming points on the LF, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guides:

How to take a general to the LF

Top 10 tanks for taking the general to the LF

Tank premium account

Go to the game with 20 to 26 April and get the first day of your premium account. At the same time, every day a new combat mission will open, for the completion of which 7 more days of prema will be credited during the week (1 mission = 1 day of PA). The task itself is quite simple – to get into the top 10 of your team by experience 10 times. The only limitation of vehicles from 4 to 10 levels and only in the “Random battle” mode.

Gifts for players

This time, the promotion will be given to players who DIDN’T LOG IN TO THE GAME during the last 30 days… If you are not included in this number, then do not be upset, these gifts can be used to good effect too. And those who return to the game are waiting 14 days of premium account, which the rest of the players received in March according to the bonus code and one of the three premium Tier 8 tanks for rent for 14 days:

Also, in addition, there are 10 pieces of each reserve: for free experience, general and crew experience (all for 2 hours) + 15 combat missions for x5 experience.

A new portion of freebies is a great opportunity to upgrade a twink now to pass the referral program. After all, a free Tier 8 premium tank won’t hurt anyone? There is already a wide assortment there, you can farm well on the Front Line. Moreover, it is much easier to carry out a referral with a premium account and premium tanks.

Special event

April 24-26 the developers promise us a game event with a special battle format. The details are still silent. But we have some guesses that we are talking about a historical PvE event dedicated to the Berlin offensive, which took place just from April to May. It is possible that the premium tank of the 7th level IS-2 Shielded (participated in the storming of Berlin) will be the reward for it. As soon as more details appear, we will definitely inform you.

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