New marathon at Bourrasque in World of Tanks

The hunt for a tier 8 prem tank will start in the coming days! First details.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are with interesting news! On the night of February 18-19, a standard marathon was added to the game client. A little earlier this information was confirmed on the European server.

The marathon is expected to start on Friday, February 21… Yes, do not be surprised, according to preliminary information, the “hunt” starts without waiting for the end of the event on the Dawn of Industry Global Map.

Apparently, the marathon was planned in advance for the end of February, but due to DDoS attacks on Wargaming servers, the event had to be postponed to the GC for a month. Perhaps the developers will meet the players halfway and still shift the start of the “hunt” by a couple of days, but this is unlikely.

Of course, the main reason for the start of the marathon now is the upcoming start of the new season of the Front Line. By the way, one of the rewards there will be a new French Tier 9 medium tank Char Futur 4. (just a premier tank for the crew to pull up under it, if someone does not have Frenchmen on the CT).

The reward for the marathon will be a Tier 8 French Medium Premier Tank Bourrasque… It comes with a 3D-style (no pictures yet) and a unique inscription:

TTX Bourrasque from the last iteration of the test, with which it will be released:

Courtesy of Wot Express

In order not to bore you with the analysis of numbers, we will highlight the main points. Him excellent power density 25.77 hp / t and high top speed 62 km / h… Pay attention to its construction:

  • weight 12 tons – the hull was taken from a light tank BC 12 t;
  • the tower was taken from the top of the EBR 105 “wheeled vehicles”.

From this it follows that it will have a low silhouette and a dense arrangement of modules. So if the maneuverability and cross-country ability are nothing outstanding, then the turret traverse speed will be super fast. However, he should be wary of a ram.

As many have already guessed – he has absolutely no armor, i.e. before us is a typical cardboard Frenchman. Landmines will fly in with a bang, and modules are often criticized. But survival is built on excellent stealth ratio, it will be extremely difficult to detect it in the bushes before the shot. His view is not a fountain, but 390 meters is not the worst result (Lorca has 380 meters).

Now we come to the most important thing for a premier tank – firepower, which determines its potential for farming.

Here the situation was ambiguous, initially Bourrasque came out with great parameters, but the merciless nerf file significantly cut performance characteristics before entering the base.

On the positive side, we immediately note the fact that Bourrasque received loading drum for 2 shells… From EBR 105 he got not only the turret, but also the 105 mm cannon with large alpha 390 units and armor penetration 190 mm… The basic projectile is a sabot and a gold one, too, with a breakdown of 240 mm. As a result, we got a sniper that very few people can penetrate at a great distance, since subcalibers although they fly fast, but significantly lose in armor penetration at long range

If inside the drum recharge tolerable 2 seconds, then the total takes already 21.54 seconds… His troubles do not end there, because with accuracy 0.4 and aiming time 3.36 seconds it is very difficult to hit without getting close to the enemy, so ambush tactics of the game are fraught with frequent mistakes. In addition declination angle tools are just -6 °

As a result, we are offered to fog up for the sake of a light tank, which, due to 105 mm guns at level 8 they were assigned to the ST class.

The machine is certainly not imba, so it is likely that the tasks of the “Hunt” will not be very difficult and accessible to the majority of the gaming audience.

What do you think about the new prema? Will you try to get it?


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