• October 3, 2023

one-time damage, armor penetration and shells in World of Tanks

rebalance sau patch 1.13

The global rebalancing of artillery will forever change the class we now know. Not a single car will be left out. Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and as part of our acquaintance with the 1.13 patch in World of Tanks in this article we will take a closer look at the change in performance characteristics for all SPGs and what caused it.

Now add 3 types of shells, and all of them will be different:

  • destiny
  • flight path
  • flight speed

Below in the picture you can read more about the properties and functions of each:SPG shells

Such an innovation should open up more tactical opportunities for artillery in order to effectively respond to changes in the situation in battle and select the appropriate projectile.

In this regard, for the players on the self-propelled guns decided update interface:

  1. The type of projectile is shown.
  2. Added colored hit probability indicator (green / red).
  3. Proximity scale (adjustable with the mouse wheel).

Now it will make sense to study the Intuition perk in order to quickly change the type of projectile.

At the first stages of testing, the effectiveness of armor-piercing was lower than expected, so they increased their one-time damage and made a more comfortable flight path. Below in the tables for each nation you can see how the performance characteristics will change after the patch is released in June.

New performance characteristics of artillery

the USSR




Great Britain

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