• February 20, 2024

Online shopping: 5 rules for safe shopping

Online shopping is very popular today. And this is no accident, because you significantly save time and money. But the popularity of such shopping is a gold mine for scammers. Today we’ll talk about the safety of online shopping. So, 5 main rules!

Payment upon delivery


If you buy something from an unverified store, then never pay money up front. Choose to pay on delivery or cash on delivery. This way you will secure your funds and be able to check the goods before you pay.

Special card


In order to avoid the theft of funds from the card in case of information obtained by fraudsters, it is better to have a specially designated card for online purchases. Just transfer the amount required for the purchase from the main card to it. Don’t want to start a card? Not a problem! Use virtual wallets – Yandex money, Qiwi, WebMoney. They can also be replenished from a main bank card or using a payment terminal.

Be carefull

Be carefull

Always look carefully at the address bar and check the site name. The cybercriminals are so inventive that I create copies of well-known sites, completely imitating their appearance, while the name in the address bar differs slightly, by only one letter. If you enter all the information from your card (number, code and date), then fraudsters will be able to take possession of it and withdraw all funds from it. And if at the same time you do not comply with the previous point about a separate card, then goodbye your money!

Protected resource


Keep your internet browser up to date as developers keep an eye on security. When you are going to enter card data, make sure that there is a secure connection. A closed padlock icon should appear next to the address bar.

Encrypted Wi-Fi


Shop online from your home or office. But do not use the Internet for this in public places. The likelihood of running into a hacker on open networks is much higher.

By following these simple rules, you can be sure about your funds and personal data. Enjoy your shopping!

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