• September 24, 2023

Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous: Best Mythic Paths Abilities

The game is focused on RPG mechanics and system of mythical paths – confirmation of this.

Pathfinder 1

This is a mechanic that gives the player additional options depending on the chosen worldview… Unlike many role-playing games, here the user’s decisions affect not only the plot, but also allow you to turn the character into a real demigod.

This can be quite difficult, and it takes a lot of work to open many paths. But the joy of receiving them will definitely be genuine. And this is a little cheat sheet that contains the best abilities of the mythic paths in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. These bonuses will definitely not be superfluous in the crusade.

10. Last Stand

Pathfinder 2

What gives: Allows you to stay alive when HP drops to zero.

If a character in Wrath of the Righteous often dies, and with non-tank melee it happens regularly, then this ability will help the player out. Skill from the beginning levels of the mythical path allows you to survive even if HP has dropped to zero.

In addition, a character who possesses this ability and uses it remains immune to damage for two turns. After that, if he is not treated, the hero will die.

9. Limitless Rage

Pathfinder 3

What gives: Unlimited Rage for a Day.

Rage Is one of the most convenient and useful skills. It is especially important for barbarians… Actually, rage can turn any melee character into a barbarian. He gains +2 to all attack rolls that count towards melee damage. A side effect is a small armor penalty.

This perk of the mythical path allows the character’s blood boiling with rage to run through his veins, without the risk of getting problems with blood vessels ahead of time.

8. Abundant Casting

Pathfinder 4

What gives: Additional castes of spells.

Slots, time to rest – all this greatly complicates the life of wizards, not allowing them to develop in full force. An abundant enchantment will fix this.

The ability increases the number of slots, but not by many. She will help, to a greater extent, to the priests and oracles… For them, this is a very worthy purchase. Getting it before the siege of Dresen will definitely not be superfluous.

7. Force Reality

Pathfinder 6

What gives: Removes debuffs from the party.

Abundance in Wrath of the Righteous debuffs makes encounters with the enemy doubly unpleasant. These insidious assassins, teaming up with each other, can be far more dangerous than direct attacks.

The Power of Reality allows the player not to think about it. In fact, the ability dispels all negative effects imposed on party members. Very handy when facing a group of spellcasters or a mini-boss.

6. Mythic Charge

Pathfinder 7

What is he doing: Increases damage.

The enemy has not yet made his move, but has already been killed. An ideal situation that every player has dreamed of at least once. Mythic attack makes it a reality, especially with a weak opponent. But it can work for someone stronger.

It adds divine damage to the character’s attack, including – 1d6 per mythical rank… The increase is not weak and can play a decisive role. Seeing enemies scatter like piñata confetti is a pleasure. Very nice.

5. Unrelenting Assault

Pathfinder 8

What gives: Increased melee damage.

A very useful thing in protracted boss fights. Each attack made in a turn or round receives +2 to Melee Damage Rolls

Through simple calculations, it becomes clear that this is a colossal advantage. This bun stacks up with other bonuses and crits. The boss didn’t die right away? Will die soon!

4. Hell’s Rule

Pathfinder 9

What gives: Group control and direct damage spells.

Devil – a mythical path, which is usually called a secret. It opens closer to the end of the game and means belonging to a law-abiding evil worldview.

The character gains the ability to mass control. After all, your evil is frightening and majestic. Enemies become completely helpless.

If a player has always dreamed of killing in one word, this is his way. Available to high-level Sorcerers and Wizards, the power of the word “Kill” allows, firstly, to save spell slots, and secondly, it makes it possible to quickly remove an annoying enemy from the path.

3. Legend


What gives: Increasing the level and characteristics.

Way legends becomes available upon reaching the eighth rank, if the player has fulfilled a number of conditions. All abilities of the hero are increased by 4, and the maximum level becomes 40th. Experience, however, drips faster

The downside is the loss of access to the skills of the mythical paths of the other branches. Plus – the ability to maintain a neutral outlook.

2 eye of the swarm


What is he doing: Transforms the character into a living swarm with new capabilities and characteristics.

I want to be evil and unique in CRPG – mythical ways are offered to the player Walking Roy! The hard-to-unlock Mythic Path is absolutely worth the effort it took to get it.

Strength and agility character increase by 4. He ceases to be susceptible to stun and poisons. Damage increases, and the enemy attacking the player loses HP. And this is only a small fraction of what you can get with the swarm.

1. Gold Dragon Form

Golden Dragon

What gives: Allows you to transform into a dragon.

A swarm of insects is effective, but not very elegant and pretentious. Is it a matter of being proud golden dragon, almost like Terendelev, which the player sees at the very beginning.

But not by pathos alone. In addition, the player teaches a bunch of buffs and improvements suitable for the dragon. Increased size, improved characteristics of an adult dragon, new spells and attacks. You can also spank small people with your tail and breathe fire on them.

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