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Races in Total War Warhammer 3 – all factions [обзор]

Overview of all races and factions in Total War Warhammer 3

On February 17, the long-awaited release of the not entirely “new” part of Total War Warhammer under the number 3 is coming out. This is a voluminous project that will not only give new factions, but also significantly update the old ones of the past parts. But the old races are likely to simply be replenished with new fighters, but the new ones give a feeling of a real holiday. Creative Assembly is now completely transfer to the third part all existing GV codes.

Confirmed at release 7 factionsfighting for a place in the sun. The SA did quite a trick, saving up for the DLC a few intriguing factions that the players had hopes for. We have prepared overview of all fractions Total War Warhammer 3 indicating the features of development and “chips” of each race.

Races and factions in Total War Warhammer 3

  • Kislev
  • Ogre Kingdoms
  • katai
  • Gods of Chaos
  • Chaos Dwarves
  • secret player



One of the starting factions in the game is Western Europe in the world of Warhammer. As the Empire’s northernmost neighbor, Kislev bears the brunt of any invasion by the Chaos hordes. The leadership of the faction was taken over Queen Katherinein charge of the new Ice Magic, and Supreme Patriarch Kostaltynlocal Rasputin.

Interestingly, these two do not get along at all, so their confrontation will be reflected in the unique mechanics of Kislev’s unification.

The inhabitants of the country themselves, being stern and religious people, worship four half-forgotten godswhose cults in the Empire are quite small:

  1. Salak – will allow armies to replenish losses faster, and settlements to accelerate growth.
  2. Dazh – increase income from buildings.
  3. Ursun – will cause non-combat losses to the enemy army in the territory of Kislev, similar to the mechanics of the Tomb Kings.
  4. Thor – will improve the attack of the army and give a unique ability that increases the damage of the troops.

Another faction mechanic – the great cities of Kislev and chieftains (mortal lords). The latter will lead the regions and give bonuses to settlements and armies. The great cities of the faction will be Praag, Kislev and Erengrad, which have not only been updated graphically, but also canonically placed on the map.

Ogre Kingdoms


Vicious pot-bellied gluttons come to Warhammer in the form of pre-order races, as well as Norsca in the first part. But in contrast to the unfinished faction, the ogres come out as interesting and original as possible. Ogres have always been hungry, but after the collision of the planet with a meteorite saturated with Chaos magic, they became completely insatiable. The crater left at the site of the fall turned into the pulsing walls of a hungry maw.

Naming the mouth Hungry Mawthe ogres have created a cult of worship for themselves, for no one can devour more than this creature of Chaos.

The main feature of the race is military campsacting as the main settlements. All other captured settlements will only be able to have a maximum third building level and four rebuilding slots. Another interesting feature is contracts. Ogres are generally considered to be the most dangerous mercenaries in the world, so they are happy to serve their employer for money, and more importantly, food.

Food is the only value and meaning of the life of the ogres, which is also reflected in the game mechanics. This is an additional cost of upkeep, similar to the Skaven, and the ability to arrange feasts before the battle for powerful buffs.

There are not so many unique characters among the ogres, but the Great Tyrant represented in the game Grisus Zlatozubmoving on a funny cart, and a creepy butcher Skagg Flayer look very colorful.



Great Cathay is the greatest of all human empires, surpassing in the duration of its history any other in the Old World. All sorts of marauders and dark forces are literally eager to plunder and destroy Cathay, but they are opposed by one of the most trained armies in the world led by real dragons. Initially, in the board game, there were only vague hints and fragmentary information about him. The third Warhammer finally gives you the opportunity to play for the Celestial Empire.

Together with Katai comes completely new mechanics – harmony, affecting both the army and the well-being of urban residents. Harmony will have four bonuses, which can be adjusted by Wu-Sing’s magical compass, balancing between effects. The compass itself is an ancient Warhammer device that changes the winds of magic. Whenever a compass needle points in one of the four directions, it begins to fill with magic. Most sides provide a bonus that is always active, and a second one that is only available when the arrow is pointed in that side’s direction.

Trade is as important to Great Cathay as it is to the High Elves. This is the second faction in the game based specifically on trade relations.

It not only has a huge population, but also has a unique collection of magical artifacts, flora and fauna. All this is not to be found in Kislev, nor in other countries in the west. Even goblins value Cathay’s trinkets enough to pay for them (or rob the caravans carrying them).

So there was mechanics of the Ivory Road, the central trade route in and out of Great Cathay, located along the land of Zhao Min and beyond, towards the Empire. A new type of lord will be responsible for them, improving the caravans going along this “Great Silk Road”.

Gods of Chaos

Contrary to the initial assumptions built from the old codes, the SA decided split the demon armies into 4 separate factions. An unexpected development, but the result is pleasantly surprising. Each of the Great Four has become unique, inimitable and has its own special mechanics both on the battlefield and on the global map.



Nurgle, god of decaysends his messenger to the world – Kugata. Plague’s father got the ability to rebuild cities in the form of special trees, and to hire troops instantly. An excellent novelty was the Plague Cauldron, which is responsible for the development of various diseases. At its core, the cauldron is an upgraded version of Grom Puzan’s Ork cauldron, but much stronger. Still, after all, you can cook in it not only your own gains, but also weakening enemies. Nurgle’s particular corruption is similar to the skaven diseases of Clan Pestilens, so there is nothing unusual about it.



god of Waras usual, is responsible for the most straightforward way of conducting a battle – melee. Khorne’s personal representative this time is himself Skarbrand. once this demon dared to oppose the God of War. Moreover, he dared to hit him. Khorne was amused by this situation, so he declared Skarbrand an Exile and sent him into an endless war.

His troops are brimming with health and strength, and his mechanics are small and simple. Huge diplomatic fines will prevent these demons from making friends. In contrast to this, the call for additional troops on the global map is intended to help.

By winning battles, the Khornites collect their unique resource – skulls. For them, you can spread the filth of Chaos and hire the most powerful creatures.


God of change, deceit, magic, Changer of Ways. His intricate plans and endless plots intertwine with each other, forming a web of lies, half-truths and betrayals that can turn the head of any mortal. Kairos Doomweaverthe legendary Lord of Change and supreme spellcaster, is in charge of fulfilling his master’s goals in the invasion of Cathay.

Tzeentch is interested in the knowledge sealed in the mysterious grimoires. It is them that the player will need to collect, and it is the grimoires that will be able to help in manipulations on the global map.

Having spent the right amount, you can easily quarrel with your best friends, take the coveted settlement, or open the entire map. The second important feature is Winds of Magic. Tzeentch’s manipulations are so tied to them that many buildings have unique effects and increase their performance when the winds are at their strongest.

The god of deceit can reduce the strength of the winds of magic in one province where he has a settlement and increase it in another, at his whim.



N’Kari, Supreme Seduceris an infamous ancient Keeper of Secrets, the supreme demon that scours the immortal and mortal worlds to experience the highest sensations and taste ecstasy in its purest form. It was he who was sent by Slaanesh in order to spread his perverted influence throughout the world.

This is achieved a huge number of cults, which will control most of the game on the global map. On the battlefield, Slaanesh armies use their high movement speed and armor-piercing abilities to sow panic among the enemy ranks with hit-and-run tactics before splitting the enemy squads and delivering a quick final blow.

Chaos Dwarves

Dwarfs of Chaos

A faction that literally suggests itself as the first DLC. Chaos Dwarfs is a fairly old army, with a bunch of atmospheric features. Goblins and black orcs as the front line, huge coal-powered golems following. What can we say about grown monsters, like lammasu and centaur bulls. In addition, chaos gnomes are the most technologically advanced race of the old world.

Coal-powered robots, rockets, magma cannons, and even lava throwers are just a few of the vast arsenal. What is only the world’s first railway with a train! Ikita’s nuclear missile is just a defective drawing of a true dawi-jarre masterpiece. The Hammer of Hashut at one time almost blew up the entire Zharr-Nagrund, the hometown of the Chaos Dwarves, but the neighboring goblins were less fortunate.

So this is an extremely colorful faction that can push any Skaven off the podium.

Secret Player

However, the most important intrigue of the third part is unknown character. Dozens of assumptions are being built based on the knowledge of the lore of the universe.

Some say that this nickname hides Nagash – the greatest necromancer in history. True, they forget that the developers do not have rights to use this character. Maybe just for now…

Others claim that this title belongs to Bel’akor, the first demon prince in the entire Warhammer universe. The personal favorite of the whole four, he received such unimaginable power that the gods themselves are afraid of him. Hiding in the darkness of millennia, the demon prince will sooner or later take a step towards the End Times.

There is a third option, which only a few people talk about. Constant Drakenfels, the embodiment of true evil and horror. The greatest sorcerer in history, destroyed by Sigmar himself. An undead dead man who lives in spite of his destruction. It is he who is looking for a champion – a new body. It is he who calls Kylostra to him. And who, if not a being beyond life and death, can become that very mysterious puppeteer who directs history according to his own rules?

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