• October 3, 2023

Ranking of the 5 best games similar to Assassin’s Creed

The Assasin’s Creed series is one of the best saga of all time. She, with all her add-ons, conquered many users and entered the rating of the most demanded in 2020. A series of these projects has become a separate genre that makes you come back to it again and again. The developers have created all parts of the famous franchise with special attention and scrupulousness. Each time we played, we could contemplate colorful landscapes, observe historical figures. It was possible not only to influence the plot, but also to become a part of it. Now, many have already passed the last part of the franchise, so they are looking for an alternative. For such a case, a list of games was created that are close in plot to the legend. TOP 5 best adventures similar to the Assassin’s Creed series. The brightest action-stealth games with RPG elements.

Far cry 5

Far cry 5

This is a simple open world shooter. The user opens a large arsenal of weapons – from machine guns to hunting knives. You have the opportunity to participate in hand-to-hand combat, use Molotov cocktails. A whole series of different tasks awaits here, as well as large-scale quests that are associated with the destruction of the sect. The cult buildings hide many secrets that need to be unraveled. The player can track progress in history, new progress information is available after each mission. There is a multiplayer mode – you can invite friends to complete the campaign. Alternatively, the game can be played slowly, conquering each structure, clearing an outpost, and freeing hostages.



It is a mixture of stealth with elements of fantasy and action. Fiction components are not just added here – they create a certain environment, plot buns, and give additional abilities. The gamer will be able to dive into the fictional world of the franchise. The plot is reminiscent of 20th century London. The industrial age is connected with magic. DISHONORED is a game from the first user. During the passage, the hero collects awards, collects items. Combat skills and stealth can be used in the game. With each mission, the hero gets new abilities. Consider, participating in fights, the character makes new enemies for himself, which means the tasks will become more difficult. Stealth is a great balance of action and fantasy, with lots of parkour.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution

An adventure RPG game made in the form of cyberpunk. Employees of the Eidos Montreal company worked on its development. This is the third franchise in the Deus Ex universe. The plot unfolds in it a quarter of a century before the dilogy. The key character is Adam Jensen, the commander-in-chief of the Detroit organization’s security service. The fictional picture of the world in 2027 split into 2 parts – some rejoice in cybernetic technologies, others – its ardent opponents, advocate for the rights of people. The hero takes the side of the mysterious attackers, as a result of which he dies and is reborn. He starts looking for the criminals who attempted on his life and stole the Sharif Industries group.



Role-playing action created according to the version of “The Lord of the Rings”. The essence of the game lies in the adventures of Talion, who has recovered from the dead, who wants to take revenge, and the spirit of the elves that follows on his heels. The world is large and seamless, divided into several spaces. Fortresses appeared in the game, which the hero can capture and independently appoint the government, as well as command his subjects. The action will be interesting for those who love parkour, loves to go through various quests and reach the top. Asynchronous multiplayer is a new feature of the game. The user cannot destroy the fortress of his opponent, but when the assault takes place, he receives additional experience and rewards.



The sequel is created in a dark guise. The main character in the game is Lara Croft – she uses her abilities to learn how to survive in difficult conditions. The plot of the game takes the gamer to Siberia, where she was sent on a mission to solve the riddle of Kitezh-grad, as well as learn the secret of immortality, and help her friend Sam. Members of a criminal campaign are on the way. The gameplay has hardly changed when compared with other parts. The action is conducted from the third person, in which the heroine wanders the world, wrestles with rivals and fights in the cold and snowy Siberia. The creators have included many tests that will force the excavation of old ruins and tombs.

The presented rating has collected the most legendary and exciting games in terms of storylines that are so close in spirit to Assasin’s Creed. Each of them is special – it requires the attention of gamers. An exciting plot, unforgettable graphics, interesting tests will immerse the user in the virtual world for a long time. They are definitely worthy of the rating, because the most famous world companies worked on their development, investing creativity and innovative technologies.

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