• September 24, 2023

release date and main details

On February 2, 2021, game makers from Iron Gate AB blew the minds of gamers by releasing their new survival game in Early Access. We are offered to reincarnate as a brutal warrior who is destined to defeat the bosses carefully prepared by the developers. The game is constantly evolving, and soon the first major additions will appear on the screens.

Valheim DLC

Walheim – tenth viking world, where Odin himself locked up terrible monsters, isolating them from humanity. The beasts flatly refused to die, adapted, gained strength and began to pose a real threat to all living things.

Since the game is in early access, it is foolish to expect miracles from it. but 96% Positive feedback on Steam in the first two weeks after the release, they say that the developers hit the bull’s-eye. With the release of the DLC, the rich world of Walheim promises to transform and become a real black hole, consuming the free time of gamers. Share with you accurate information about each add-on.

List of all DLCs for Valheim

Valheim DLC release date

To the delight of the audience, the developers did not obscure and shared their immediate plans for the development of the project. In the foreseeable future awaits us several add-ons designed to diversify the gameplay.

  1. Hearth and Home… One of the main features of the game is the construction and arrangement of the base. The DLC will add a lot of details related to cooking, building construction and other everyday aspects.
  2. Cult of the wolf… There is not much information here. Research will become more fun (it is not yet clear at the expense of what), random encounters can be added and the combat system modified.
  3. Ships and the Sea… Viking without a ship is surrealism. The character’s drakkar will receive new details, and the ocean expanses will be supplemented with content.
  4. Mistlands… It’s about the whole biome. Of course, there we will meet new enemies, resources, items. It will not do without a formidable boss who plans to inflict reprisals on the homegrown Vikings.

The full version of the game assumes the presence of nine biomes, each of which will be tied to a formidable monster. Defeating the leader will not be an easy task, and the appearance of mini-bosses is also possible.

Not without flaws – the game is disgustingly optimized and the owners of weak cars have to wait for patches for now. A huge number of bugs forces a team of 5 people to work hard on fixing errors.

It is for these reasons DLC release date remains a mystery. However, you shouldn’t scold the ambitious project, the guys have already jumped over their heads, and the game sold almost 3 million copies in half a month.

If you decide to start your walkthrough at an early release, then we recommend that you check out our guide to all bosses in Valheim or a detailed guide to mead. And if you’re not the kind of player who likes to create challenges for yourself, then check out our selection of cheats and console commands.

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