• September 28, 2023

Relevant codes for the Mage Simulator in Roblox 2021

Magician simulator get

The Mage Simulator has a fair amount of spells and cosmetic items, but you won’t have to save up resources for them for a long time. The game offers promo codes that either give you free coins or a temporary experience boost.

Unlike most games, codes can only be entered through his store. While browsing the directory, click the Twitter icon in the lower left corner. Codes can only be used once.

Valid codes for for Mage Simulator

We have collected all the working codes:

daireb: 250 coins.
pvp: random reward.
polaris: 500 coins.
random: activates all available boosts for 30 minutes.
2020update: 30 minute boost to increase the drop chance.
extra: random reward.
wisdomboost: 20-minute XP boost.
robzigame: 250 coins.
wisdomclock: gives 250 coins.
dairebboost: 20 minute gold boost.
release: 500 coins.

If one is over, please write about it in the comments.

How to redeem a code

Redeeming codes in the Wizard Simulator is pretty easy! Open the game and look for a store icon with a bag of money on it. Click this button and you will see the blue bird and feathers option labeled as codes. Click on it and enter one of the codes listed in this post to receive your reward!

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