• February 22, 2024

Robot “Lubobot” – a virtual Tamagotchi becomes a reality

There are many different directions in modern robotics. Representatives of each of them create robots that differ in their functionality. Some cars are made for military purposes, others, on the contrary, are completely peaceful and perform, for example, the functions of pets. In the second case, robots are endowed with uncharacteristic human characteristics.


This miracle of technology will not leave anyone indifferent!

Japanese robotics invented Lubobot. In English, its name sounds like Lovot. The main task of this toy is to become a real pet for humans.

The robot reaches a height of 30 cm. Manufacturers assure: this is not just a piece of metal. With close contact, sympathy will certainly arise. Lubobot can even react to touch, thanks to built-in sensors and a video camera on the head that records movements.

Here are some more interesting features of Lovot:

  • Moves with small wheel-legs,
  • Has interesting lively eyes,
  • Can move his arms freely.

However, it will not be possible to use it for other purposes: the robot cannot do anything else. This is hardly a serious drawback, since Lyubobot copes with the main functions with a bang. Like any pet, he will expect the owner to take care of himself.

The creators say that when embracing Lovot, a person feels a pleasant warm sensation. But there is no information about the presence of built-in internal heating.

When will the order be available?

Robots like Lubobot have already been created before. The most famous model is Aibo puppy from Sony.

The opportunity to order Lovot will appear just the other day. The initial price of the robot will be a little over three thousand dollars. It is necessary to take into account the delivery, the cost of which is quite high during long-term transportation.

It is also known that at the beginning of autumn 2019, the purchase of two robots in a set will be cheaper – only 5200 dollars

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