• December 1, 2023

Ruinberg rebalance in WoT

New positions for shooting damage, arrivals and changes to city blocks. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and a test version of the updated Ruinberg map in World of Tanks. The location is represented by a system of city streets and a park, next to which the outskirts of the village are located. City buildings are partially destroyed, creating areas for artillery fire.

Before the release of patch 1.0, the team from the top respawn won more often, but after the changes in the green field, the situation temporarily leveled off. However, after a while, the alignment finally became the opposite, because the team from the lower respawn had a higher percentage of victories.

After analyzing the statistics and feedback from the players, the developers decided to change the map to equalize the chances of winning.

Major changes occurred on city streets where the main confrontation is being conducted. Added variety and strengthened the position of the team from the top respawn.

Look at the map with zones of changes and go directly to its streets.

Zone 1

To create more variability at the initial siding or retreat if necessary, as well as as a position with a cross for an ACS – opened the quarter… The lower base has a similar area. Another positive change was the disappearance of the dead end at the top left of the map.

It was Has become

Zone 2

Added a destroyed house with loopholes for shooting (the lower base has a similar one).

It was Has become

Zone 3

The building of the temple was “cut” and there was formed additional travel… From here, the top respawn team can more effectively defend against enemies in the area, or fire with players in farther positions.

It was Has become

Zone 4

Added small shelters (embankments) at the outskirts of houses… Moreover, the right one can be effectively used even by the players of the lower rep.

It was Has become

Zone 5

Made a small quarter contour correction, so he became more compliant… This will allow armored vehicles to tank more efficiently or weakly armored vehicles to hide behind cover if there are too many enemy vehicles on the opposite side.

It was Has become

Zone 6

New position for firing. You can also settle there while waiting for reinforcements.

It was Has become

Zone 7

Not deprived of attention and the bottom base. The burned-out tank was removed, which at the beginning of the battle repeatedly interfered with the patrol, if the allies did not want to let each other pass and created a crowd.

It was Has become

All changes are not final yet, they will be tested yet. If the developers are satisfied with the new statistics, then we are waiting on the basis in the near future.

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