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scandals and petition against the series

The multi-part project “The Lord of the Rings” was overgrown with scandals and misunderstandings even before the release of the first episode. They managed to accuse him of all mortal sins, and angry fans even demanded to stop filming.

New Lord of the Rings: scandals and petition against the series

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“Lord of the Rings” – this is a huge risk for the streaming service, since the rights cost the company $ 250,000,000, and the potential production costs, for sure, will exceed one billion… The project is planned as the most expensive TV series in history, so failure will be the nail in the coffin Amazon… The company competed for the right to shoot with Netflix and managed to make a more attractive offer – all that remained was to achieve the result.

Let’s face it, surpass the famous trilogy Peter Jackson almost impossible – the public today has a wide scope for comparison. Little-known scriptwriters are working on the project, and several directors were involved in the creation of the episodes at once. These circumstances can seriously affect the integrity of the perception of the picture. Fans are afraid that filmmakers will step away from creativity Tolkien and start to invent their own stories, and numerous scandals only add fuel to the fire

To make “The Lord of the Rings” not just a toy for geeks, but a self-sufficient series designed for a wide audience, the studio will have to try very hard.

New Game of Thrones or an independent project?

Jennifer Salke is the boss of Amazon Prime Videos

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It would seem a rather strange question, not even worthy of attention. However, the main boss of Amazon, Jennifer Salke journalists managed to get out of the state of moral equilibrium, comparing the upcoming project with “Game of Thrones”… The head of the studio nervously stated that the Lord of the Rings team is not equal to other series, but is creating something unique that can cause great delight among the audience.

It’s hard to believe, because gradually actors who were directly involved in the filming come to the project. “The game of thrones”… This means that their recognition should become a kind of magnet for the public and cause certain nostalgic feelings in it. It is no secret that now almost any series, especially in the fantasy genre, is perceived by the audience, as well as critics through the prism of the success of Game of Thrones, and Salke’s irritability suggests that journalists were pushing a pain point. Of course the creators “Lord of the rings” compare themselves with a well-known project and want to surpass the brainchild HBOhaving made a real quantum leap in their activities.

Allegations of racism

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn

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As you know, in the Western world now there is no more serious crime than racism. Peter JacksonWhile filming the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, he could select actors according to his taste, but now this is an unaffordable luxury for directors.

Also in 2019 year one of the Canadian civil society organizations called Amazon racist, because among the announced actors were only white stage masters. The statement sounded rather strange, since only a few characters were officially represented. However, this fact did not stop the most zealous fighters for tolerance – they unleashed their righteous anger on the studio. It should be noted that in extras recruited representatives of all races, but if they wanted to call you a racist, too weighty a reason is not required.

The scandal continued when the movie star “Mortal Kombat”, an actor of Chinese descent, Ludi lin, also threw a stone at Amazon. He stated that the project is too large-scale to abandon the Asians in the lead roles. Probably, the actor really liked to be on the same set of “Mortal Kombat” with representatives of his race, so he simply cannot imagine any other development of events. The time comes when the quality of films starts to lose importance, the main thing is to choose the right actors to avoid criticism.

Speculation on participation in the Peter Jackson project

Peter Jackson - director of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings"

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There is no doubt that studio bosses understand how difficult it will be to beat the trilogy. “Lord of the Rings” from Peter Jackson… It has become a major cinematic attraction for fans of the franchise, and many viewers would like to forget these films in order to watch them again. Probably for this reason, stuffing about Peter Jackson’s participation in the project began to appear on the network. For the audience, the question remains extremely important, because many wanted to get the series from this director.

What was the disappointment of the audience when Peter Jackson wrote down the appeal, in which he denied his participation in the production of the picture. The director said that his name can be used as much as necessary, but he was not involved in the creation of the project. A hint is visible to the naked eye – Amazon is simply warming up the viewer, giving him unfounded hope, although this is rather cruel towards the fans of the franchise.

Intimate scenes

"Lord of the Rings" still from the film

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It’s no secret that Tolkien was Catholic and took religion very seriously. The writer’s work is aimed at an audience of all ages, but he invariably followed Christian traditions and avoided all sorts of vulgarity. It was this issue that became the center of another scandal, since the company Amazonwithout thinking twice, hired intimate scene specialists… In addition, the description of the actors’ vacancies contained information about the need to undress in the frame.

An angry petition was created by the public, which was signed by many people, but it’s hard to imagine that the studio will follow the lead of the chastity adherents. Obviously the series “Lord of the Rings” Is an extremely ambitious project, so filmmakers will do everything to make it pay off. Intimate scenes are one of the components of a successful picture, although they are not always appropriate.

In any case, before introducing young viewers to watching the series, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the content in advance and evaluate how deeply the authors are carried away by “nudity”.

Fantasy fans rejoice as every day brings us closer to a significant event – the release of the series “Lord of the Rings” from service Amazon Prime Videos… Total will be released 5 seasons and the first two are filmed in parallel. The premiere is scheduled for 2021 year, but the exact date is difficult to name – the atmosphere of the strictest secrecy reigns around the project.

While the Lord of the Rings team is trying to deal with the scandals that have piled up, we recommend that you watch the TOP 10 most anticipated TV series in 2021.

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