• February 21, 2024

Should I buy Primo Victoria for Black Friday and how to get a premium equivalent for free?

The most affordable and cheapest offer on sale in WoT. Cheese in a mousetrap or a really good option – we understand.

Primo victoria

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we are looking at a new offer from Wargaming on the Black Friday sale in World of Tanks. The Primo Victoria is a Tier 8 Swedish premium medium tank.

Let’s get right to machine advantages:

  • high armor penetration with a basic projectile of 226 mm;
  • fast aiming time;
  • good accuracy.

These indicators allow Primo Victoria to farm well, since even with basic shells, you can penetrate and target vulnerable areas.

  • a strong tower (in the frontal projection, ricochets often happen) + comfortable UVN allow you to play from the terrain;
  • a basic view of 400 meters will give an edge over some classmates

As you can see, it is well suited for positional play.

But not everything is so perfect, it is worth considering the following limitations:

  • poor stabilization. The circle of scatter will always be very large, therefore, in most cases, you will not hit anyone from the “guard”, you will always have to stop and wait for complete information;
  • large dimensions and weak armor of the hull, therefore, when positioned from the art, it flies rather painfully. At the same time, he has mediocre mobility, so it will not be difficult to hit him in motion.
  • frequent criticality of the ammo rack.

With a 40% discount, the cost of Primo Victoria is 1185 rubles. At the same time, she comes with a unique camouflage (gives a permanent bonus to camouflage) and a 100% crew with a zero “One Blood” perk (analogous to the fighting brotherhood).Primo Victoria in a premium store

Judging by the cost for real money, then this is an adequate price for a level 8 premium. But:

  • almost a complete analogue of this machine can be obtained completely free of charge for the referral program – the British CT FV4202. In this case, booms, camouflage and style will go as a bonus.
  • real it’s better to save money for Christmas boxes, which will appear in the game closer to December 10.

Thanks to the abundance of bonuses for newbies, the referral program is now underway fast and easily:

  1. We register using a special invite link to get at the start 600 gold and prem tank T-127
  2. Be sure to enter one of the bonus codes. There are three to choose from:
  • CRUSHINGITnew invite code wot 2020
  • TANKOLETThe most profitable WoT registration option for beginners
  • ILOVETANKSregistration with maximum bonuses in Tanks
  1. Then go to prize.box and collect gifts for an EXPERIENCED player.

You can go through a referral simply by playing on gift bonuses (3 weeks of a premium account allow you to bend over on gold), or you can complete it on art for seagulls or seeds. Learn more about how to proceed after patch 1.9.

If you don’t want to do it solo, you can negotiate with other players in our special topic for discussion on VKontakte.

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