• May 26, 2022

Should you buy the A46? First prize tank for commemorative coins in WoT

Not all players managed to complete the marathon, and some simply did not want to play in the “sand”, so let’s take a look at the proposed new Prem A46, is it worth taking it from the anniversary store?

А46 for commemorative coins

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and on August 24, the sale of the A46, a British Tier 6 light tank, officially began in World of Tanks. The price of this machine is 1500 commemorative coins. A46 in the anniversary store

If you count, then for this amount you can take:

  • 10 styles;
  • 75 decals;
  • 150 emblems and inscriptions;

Therefore, the question arises, is it worth it A46 such costs?A46 in the anniversary store

There are 2 level 6 prem tanks in the game: A46 and Type 64… In addition to them there is also a promotional T-50-2, which was presented to players as a veteran award. It is with these machines that the new “Briton” will most often have to compete in battle.

And in parallel, let’s compare its performance characteristics with other pumped LT 6.


firepowerIf the one-time damage is still slightly below average, then with armor penetration it is completely sad – the lowest among classmates, even gold sub-calibers do not grab stars from the sky. However, he has the worst accuracy.

Therefore, farming with damage shots are incompatible.

At the same time, he has a long recharge, according to the DPM, he will not shoot anyone 1 in 1. But not everything is so bad, there are several advantages here:

  • high turret traverse speed;
  • fast mixing;
  • comfortable UVN;
  • good stabilization of the weapon in motion.


vitalityThere are no comments here, everything is already visible. Full cardboard armor + the smallest safety factor, even the French wheelchair has more.

Mobility and intelligence

mobility and explorationAlthough this is the strongest feature of this machine, in many respects it is inferior to its classmates:

  • weak engine, therefore low power density;
  • the maximum speed is only 60 km / h, which is the lowest indicator.

On the positive side, good maneuverability.

This is what the A46 really can boast of – excellent stealth, one of the best on the level. The viewing radius is average, but communication range is extremely low for a light tank, which makes it difficult to transmit intelligence


A46 in the HangarIn the conclusion, I propose to summarize theses:

  • one on one he will lose any LT. In addition to depressing firepower, it has a small margin of safety;
  • in intelligence efficiency too inferior to mostbecause the maximum speed will not always allow the first to take key positions;
  • can’t go far from alliesIn order to transmit intelligence, he is forced to keep the radio within 450 meters (which is almost 300 meters less than most level 6 LT).
  • in its composition 4 crew members, while on the pumped 3 and at the top of the branch there are 2 tankers. At the same time, the car is very demanding on the presence of a pumped crew.

In almost all main parameters, the A46 loses to the Chinese premium Type 64… At the same time, it is difficult for him to compete even with the pumped equipment in the top-end configuration.

This tank will be able to farm only in the hands of experienced players, if they play in the spotlight.

A46 in the anniversary storeTake this technique cost only in four cases:

  • you have no prema at all;
  • plan to upgrade British light tanks, will be a simulator for at least 2-3 tankers;
  • there are no other LT in the Hangar and you are not going to download them, then you can take it purely under the LBZ;
  • well, just pick it up for collection, roll it out a couple of times and let it gather dust in the Garage.

For those who nevertheless decided to buy it (including me) – I suggest that you familiarize yourself with our detailed guide on the A46. In addition to the gameplay, we analyzed various assembly options with new equipment.

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