• May 26, 2022

Skyrim: 5 most powerful enemies

Formidable and powerful opponents, the danger of meeting with whom is justified by good rewards.

Skyrim 5 most powerful enemies

Hello adventure lovers! Today we have a selection of the five most powerful enemies that Dovahkiin will face during his wanderings around the world of Skyrim.

Fifth placeLegendary dragon

Dragons are an integral part of the game, some of the most famous monsters in Skyrim history. They all have the same behavior and flight patterns, which makes it easy to predict their movements. But with only one of them, a meeting can turn into a real test – Legendary dragon, which is included with the Dawnguard DLC.

You will recognize them from afar by their large, curved horns and purple scales. With about 4000 HP and starting at level 75, they will use Shout “Drain Life Energy”… Also, depending on their element: Frosty or Fire breath

Fourth placeEbony warrior

The next opponent is a representative of DLC Dragonborn – Ebony Warrior… A mysterious fighter who strives for a true challenge. As soon as you reach level 80, he will appear and challenge you to a duel. The reason is that he wants you (and no one else) to send him to Sovngarde.

He wears impressive armor and is a highly skilled enemy capable of draining your life force with his sword and can use two shouts: “Ruthless Force” and “Disarmament”… He’s smart enough to regenerate his health regularly, and will even use a paralyzed bow to strike you from afar.

At the same time, the Ebony Warrior is immune to paralyzing, freezing and immobilizing spells / Shouts.

Third placeMirak

Mirak Is one of the most ferocious enemies in Skyrim, also from the Dragonborn DLC. He is also the main antagonist in this expansion. Miraak claims to be the first dragonborn and can enslave dragons to do his bidding.

He also has a good command of “shouts”, which he will actively use in battle. Moreover, it is highly resistant to your “screams”.

Its skill set is similar to that of the Dragon Priest, with many healing and shock spellsas well as a sword that allows him to deal stamina damage. By the way, he is the only one among his fellows who fights with melee weapons.

What makes him even more annoying is that he can go up to level 150 and gain the ability to restore your healthby sacrificing one of the subordinate dragons when HP is low.

Second placeKarstaag

The ice giant living on the island of Solstheim – Karstaag… After defeating him, it will be possible to summon this monster, but only three times. But defeating him is not so easy. He has an incredible amount of health, up to 4000 HP, and will do great damage at close range.

He quickly restores health and will use Ice Ghoststo further complicate your task. It can even trigger a blizzard onto the battlefield, which can drain stamina and health over time as you struggle to defeat this tough foe.

Has a passive ability Ice Blood, which speeds up the recovery of health. To disable it, we recommend using fire damage, this will greatly simplify the fight.

First placeDragon Priest

There is nothing more terrifying in Skyrim than anger Dragon Priest… Buried in their eternal sleep, these old servant of the dragons awaken when you step into their Nordic ruins.

Each of them has unique skills and spells to effectively reduce your health level. They tend to be powerful spellcasters who fly quickly across the battlefield, making them difficult to hit from a bow from afar and at the same time deadly in close combat

In battle, we recommend using the “Time Slow” shout. It will allow you to deliver several blows from which it will be impossible to dodge.

After winning, you can collect their personal masks, which will give you extraordinary bonuses in battle.Dragon Priest Masks

Which opponent did you encounter the greatest difficulties in battle?

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