• November 29, 2023

Skyrim: 5 Worst Relationship Partners

If your plans to save the world did not include love troubles, then these five partners are best avoided.

Skyrim Temple of Mara

Getting married in Skyrim isn’t just a cosmetic in-game option. The partner can look after children, the house, generate income or useful things. Also, many husbands and wives can be taken with you on trips as companions. However, not all the characters available for marriage are equally good and useful. Here are five NPCs who should never be asked to marry.

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Skyrim Kosnah

At first glance it may seem that Kosnakh looks goodbut, unfortunately, he is a waste of time. Due to a lack of employment in a trading company, he spends most of his days drinking at the Silver Blood Tavern in Markarth. Moreover, like most drunks, he spends his time fighting, including the main character, if you challenge him. If you win, he will join you as a companion. However, as a husband, he is a useless guy. He has weak characteristics and no interesting phrases.

Viola Giordano

Skyrim Viola Giordano

Unless you are an elderly adventurer or simply not a fan of older women, Viola is not the most attractive candidate for marriage. She is much older than any other partner., which the main character can marry. She is also fragile and somewhat useless, aside from the store she ends up organizing. Viola is unable to withstand the battle, she cannot be taken with her on adventures. However, she strictly adheres to her moral principles and fights to the end to find out who really is the mysterious killer in Windhelm.

Angrenor Awarded

Skyrim Angrenor Awarded

A marriage partner should be someone the protagonist can rely on, both mentally or physically, and sometimes financially. Although Dovahkiin probably doesn’t need a rich lord to survive, this does not mean that he should be content with a beggar like Angrenor.

He roams the Gray Quarter in Windhelm and will happily share his stories from past battles with the Stormcloaks. Despite this, he is pretty mean to the Dunmer living in the city, which makes him far from the image of a charming gentleman.

Camilla Valeria

Skyrim Camilla Valeria

Although in fact, Camilla is one of the best marriage partners due to her beauty and sweet nature, she is also one of the worst wives for one interesting reason… When the protagonist first arrives in Riverwood, he hears that two men, Sven and Fendal, are fighting for Camilla’s love and attention. This case turns into a small quest in which you can choose who the girl should give preference to.

Alternatively, you can marry Camilla yourself, but before that you have to help her brother Lucan get the golden claw. But know that Fendal will visit her regularly, which is extremely annoying in itself.

Sorex Viney

Skyrim Sorex Viney

When it comes to the worst of the worst, one of the most unreliable partners in the gameSorex immediately takes this “honorable” title. He is so bad that he supports the execution of Roggweer in Solitude simply because he was bullied in his youth. Besides, this man is simply a selfish whiner.

Sorex will express his disgust if the house the protagonist moved with him to is not large enough, and will complain if asked to cook. Not to mention that he will continue to flirt and buy free drinks for women in Laughing Rat even after the wedding… This is a terrible partner and not worth the effort.

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