• November 29, 2023

Skyrim: best weapon mods – download

Epic weapons are an essential part of the adventure of true heroes. These mods will add to the game all the best that the “vanilla” version of Skyrim lacks. Millions of gamers have already plunged into the magical universe of the Scrolls and fought hordes of enemies, overthrowing legendary dragons and bringing peace to the lands of Skyrim.

Now the TES V combat system is already known to players like the back of their hand, and the available weapons have long been tested. But fans have the opportunity to radically change their idea of ​​combat and add new colors to it.

Skyrim.  SE

Skyrim release in the end 2011 year has already become a milestone in the history of games. The fifth part of the Scrolls has become one of the most famous releases Bethesda… The release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in 2016 cemented this title.

SE, as expected, supports custom mods. Among them are stunning weapon modifications. Introducing 10 coolest mods for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Editionthat will transform the player’s arsenal.

Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry is a mod that a beginner should start with. It is comfortable and does not break the usual look of the game.

The author of the mod used the textures already present in Skyrim to create swords, axes and other weapons. 105 new types of weapons harmoniously combine with the design of the game, which is important for an RPG.

Lore Weapon Expansion SE


When discussing the fit of mods into lore, one cannot but recall Lore Weapon Expansion SE – a brilliant modification that weaves new weapons into the game world. It adds a bunch of gear designed to look like it has always been in Skyrim.

For this, the creators of the mod used several methods at once. We studied weapons from previous TES games, read kilometers of texts from which you can glean the necessary information about the universe. The result of their work pleasantly impresses even the most demanding fans.

Immersive weapons

Immersive weapons

The last of the modifications tied to immersion in the world is Immersive Weapons.

Mod adds to the game 230 new weaponsthat are perfectly integrated into the world of the Scrolls. Isn’t that enough? Another “surprise” from the authors – opponents with dual weapons. So not only the arsenal will become more diverse, but also the sensations from the adventures of the Dragonborn.

Scoped bows SE

Scoped bows SE

But this mod no longer strives to fit into the setting. Optical sights on bows – it’s convenient and cool, but you don’t expect to meet them in medieval fantasy.

But if the player is willing to sacrifice the integrity of the environment, Scoped Bows SE is a must try. The feeling of shooting will be very unusual, and the dragon hunt will become more interesting.

Royal Armory – New Artifacts

Royal Armory - New Artifacts

In Skyrim, in the hands of NPCs, regardless of their position in society, you can often see simple, basic blades. In the hands of members of the royal family and their entourage, they look even more alien. Why would a jarl carry a simple steel sword?

Royal Armory corrects this oversight and presents some of the characters with weapons, appropriate to their status… Ulfric Petrel and General Tullius look much better after installing this mod.

DX Faction Crossbows SE

DX Faction Crossbows SE

With all the variety of weapons in Skyrim, there is still something missing. The absence in the game of such a popular type of medieval weapons as crossbow striking. And although DLC Dawnguard adds them to the game, compared to other weapons, crossbows are annoyingly few.

The gap is filled by the DX Faction Crossbows SE mod, which adds a number of crossbows available for forging, 4 types of bolts and unique quivers.

Weapons Of The Third Era SSE

Weapons Of The Third Era SSE

Weapons Of The Third Era is a mod for those who lack variety. He will especially interest swordsmen.

How much work has been done on the mod is amazing. Players who always want to get their hands on the best weapon in the game will be satisfied.

CL’s Weapon Replacers

CL's Weapon Replacers

Skyrim has several types of weapons that look good without any mods, for example – Wabbajack or Ebony Blade. But their appearance can get boring over time.

CL’s Weapon Replacers solves this problem. Mod replaces the textures of the Ebony Blade and Daedric Weapons, Blade of Woe, Cooler and Sword of Radiance of Dawn. Visually, the game becomes much more interesting.

Unique Uniques SE

Unique Uniques SE

Mod similar to the previous one – Unique Uniques. It replaces the textures of some weapon samples, making their designs brighter and more noticeable… The differences may be subtle, but still enjoyable.

The modification affects, among others, the following types of weapons:

  • Curse of the Aegis;
  • Angi’s bow;
  • Bloody Thorn;
  • Bolar’s blade;
  • Dragon Scourge;
  • Cavosein’s Fang;
  • Pale Blade;
  • Curse of the Red Eagle;
  • Fury of the Red Eagle;
  • Long Hammer;
  • Valdr’s Lucky Dagger;
  • Gust;
  • shield of Solitude.

LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons SE

LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE

In Skyrim, you can stumble upon weapons that look, frankly, ridiculous. It can be oddly proportioned or too bulky.

If this is annoying for the player, then the LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons mod is worth trying. The weapon with him acquires more elaborate and harmonious appearance, and this is important for immersion in the world of the game.

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