• February 20, 2024

Solving most of the known bugs and errors in Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 is relatively well-tuned and has a normal elaboration of most of the gameplay elements. This does not mean that the game is completely devoid of bugs and errors, there are still enough of them, but not as many as in the same Fallout 76. Just Cause 4 was heavily criticized because of the graphics that do not meet the requirements of modern gamers. In terms of FPS and stability, there are much fewer comments on the game. However, players still experience crits (Direct3D Error Core: 34), black screens, audio dropouts, etc.

Often the cause of errors is a banal discrepancy between the characteristics of the PC and the minimum system requirements of the game. In such cases, it is pointless to complain about problems in its work. Further error correction methods assume that the computer has sufficient power.

How to fix a crash when starting Just Cause 4?

From the game, Just Cause 4 can be thrown at boot both with and without an error. If there is an error code, it is somewhat easier to determine what exactly caused the failure. Otherwise, there are a couple of helpful fixes to try.

If there is no error message, you should:

  • Turn off all unofficial software designed to control the operation of the monitor. It has already become known that Just Cause 4 conflicts with the MSI Afterburner application. It must be temporarily disabled or completely removed;
  • Set the correct antivirus settings. The first step is to go to Windows Defender and add the game to the exceptions. It is also recommended to whitelist Just Cause 4 in firewall and other antivirus software. You need to add a file to start the game or a directory in the exceptions, then the anti-virus system will not block the application. Another easy way is to turn off your antivirus for a while.

How to fix Direct3D Error Code: 34?

There is not only this error, but also a similar one with the words in the notification irect3D and DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG. They can pop up both at the start of the game and during its passage.


  1. Right click on the desktop.
  2. In the context menu, click on “Nvidia Control Panel”.
  3. On this page, go to the “Software settings” tab.
  4. Select the justcause.exe file.
  5. Find the Power Management Mode parameter and replace it with Adaptive.

An additional way to fix it is to update the graphics driver to the current state. For the best game performance, it is worth installing game drivers.

It became known that Just Cause 4 often does not work well on video cards after overclocking. Any system fixes do not help in this case. You can start the game only after overclocking rollback. The video card with the original clock speed handles the game normally.

What if there is no sound in Just Cause 4?

Usually, the lack of sound is the result of an incorrect setting of the number of audio channels. What will help in the situation? – Setting as many channels as supported by the headphones.

How to change the number of channels:

  1. Go to the “Playback” settings tab.
  2. Find the “Sounds” column.
  3. Select headphones that have a sound problem.
  4. Click on the “Customize” option.
  5. Specify the correct parameters for the selected equipment.

In half of the cases, this method helps to solve the problem. In the second half, you have to forcibly launch the game with admin rights.

How to run the game with full rights:

  1. Find the file justcause.exe.
  2. Click once on the file and press Alt + Enter.
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  4. Check the box next to the item where it is proposed to run with administrator rights.
  5. Confirm the change with the “Apply” button and remove the window.

How to solve the problem with frequent crashes in Just Cause 4?

If the game throws out at a random moment of passing or even loading, the situation can help:

  • Updating the video driver. You can download the new graphics driver from the developer site and run it. The game should run more stable with the new driver;
  • Disable third-party programs to control the monitor;
  • Permission to run the game with admin rights;
  • Disable automatic synchronization with Steam. It’s easy to do: right-click on the game on Steam, select “Properties” and unselect the “Steam Cloud” line. The required setting is located on the Updates page.

How do I get rid of the black screen when launching Just Cause 4?

Many PC games are faced with black screen issues. This is extremely rare on consoles.

How to restore the game:

  1. Launch Just Cause 4 in windowed mode. You should activate the game and press the Alt + Enter key combination. The game window will remain, but a frame and taskbar will appear;
  2. Change screen resolution. This parameter is located in the graphics settings.
  3. Return the game to full-screen mode again with the same Alt + Enter command.

How to fix frequent freezes and lags in Just Cause 4?

This malfunction usually occurs on PCs that have difficulty meeting the game’s requirements. Also, problems arise for owners of 10th generation GeForce video cards.

There are 3 ways to fix FPS drops:

  • Update video driver. For the game to work properly, it is important to have the most recent version of the drivers;
  • Remove other load from the computer. The system constantly runs many applications in the background. Before starting Just Cause 4, you need to remove resource-intensive processes from the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del);
  • Enable vertical sync. The method is useful for owners of GeForce GTX 10-series video adapters with a large amount of CPU and GPU. After activating the setting, an additional load is created on the processor and video card. But it increases the fps level. To enable the setting, go to the Program Settings in the Nvidia panel. Next, you need to set the “Fast” property in the “Vertical sync” section.

The listed errors and lags in Just Cause 4 are easy to remove yourself. True, not all errors are so easy to remove. If all else fails with the problem, there is nothing to do but wait for the fix.

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