• December 1, 2023

Tachankin rework from Rainbow Six: Siege to Shadow Legacy

Tachankin died, long live the new Tachankin. Rainbow Six: Siege has undergone major changes as part of the comprehensive Shadow Legacy update, which, in addition to introducing new operators, introduced reworking of old ones.

Recycling Tachankin

Many players have long dreamed of reworking Lord Tachanka, in anticipation of which the hero has already turned into a meme. And finally they made it much better.

Main weapon change

Ubisoft has carried out extensive work on Tachankin, to make it more relevant to the game.

Why was he little chosen before? Because of the need to stand in one place. In a game where this is completely impossible, a character with a deployable machine gun becomes a kind of suicide bomber… God forbid, if you manage to hook or kill someone. Most often, however, it turns out the other way around – Tachankin dies, not even having time to see anyone.

Now he will no longer stand still with a machine gun – he will walk with him. Disc machine gun DP-27 now became main weaponwhich can be used and modify if desired. This, coupled with heavy armor and low speed, makes a tank out of it, which squeezes with fire to suppress a certain point from which the enemy cannot get out.

DP-27 in the hands of Tachankin

The weapon itself stands out for its large magazine size and low rate of fire. This allows the operative to quickly organize firing points, and projectile launch siteswho are most likely using Ash, Hibana, Kali and many others.

Tachankin’s arsenal now looks like this:

  1. DP-27… The main weapon in the form light machine gun
  2. 9x19VSN… A submachine gun that can replace DP-27
  3. PMM… Pistol with good damage
  4. GSH-18… Replacing PMM.
  5. Prickly wire… Standard protective equipment.
  6. Proximity sensor. Will go well with “The hype“.

DP-27 – the weapon of a real defender, which is Tachankin. With his ability quickly change environment, as well as good damage, this operator will make the stormtrooper think twicebefore you attack.

Adding a launcher

Since the machine gun has become portable and is no longer deployed, Tachankin it was necessary to add something that would correspond not only to his role (he in defenders), but also his “explosive»Character. So, in his arsenal, a launch device appeared called “Shumikha”. The total number of shells is ten, and the store only holds five.

The new device is an excellent solution for two tasks: defense and attacks… It’s all about the shells – they have Tachankin not discontinuous, but incendiary… And not simple, but from ricochet

That is, the projectile “Hype” you can run around the corner while in a safe position.

The grenade launcher turned out to be quite simple, so with it easy to learn to drive… With a certain skill, you can kill the enemy not with a machine gun, not with a pistol or even a grenade – “Shumikha” with her incendiary cartridges she will do everything herself.

Shumikha grenade launcher

The maximum effectiveness of the grenade launcher is manifested on the defensive… They can prevent the enemy from getting closer to the object that is being guarded, as well as inflict damage, and quite large.

Weapon reload slow – one projectile at a time, so the operator better sit back for a while, until you can do everything.

With this grenade launcher, Tachankin becomes a full-fledged replacement for another operator – Smoke. Moreover, incendiary weapons will be more effective than a gas grenade.

Unique property

The main thing that this operative can please with is the ability to get to his feet in case of a critical injury. So, in addition to being strong in body and spirit Tachankin, one more agent can do R6 Zofia.

This property can manifest itself not only from enemy fire, traps, grenades and other protective and attacking equipment, but also from your own “Hype” within the radius of which he fell Tachankin.

The Shadow Legacy update, released on September 10, continues to delight Rainbow fans with the development of the game. Complete change Tachankin – one of those things that everyone was waiting for and which was perceived extremely positively. On the test server, interestingly, you can already evaluate the new Tachankin and understand how much better it became to play with him before entering a regular server and raising the MMR rating.

Video – Tachankin Recycling Demonstration

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