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The 10 craziest Skyrim quests (and where to find them)

There are an incredible number of quests available in Skyrim, but some of them are particularly crazy, weird, or extremely impressive.

Tamriel – a continent full of wonders. Bizarre creatures and fantastic landscapes abound in this land of humans, mers (which include Dunmer, Bosmer, Altmer, as well as Orcs and Falmer) and beastmen. In an open world filled with such a rich and varied environment, epic adventures cannot be avoided. Each game in the series The elder scrolls boasts this characteristic.

10 of the craziest quests in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also distinguished itself by this, because here the gamer can find some of the craziest quests in the franchise. Despite the fact that outlandish events are taking place throughout the northern province, some of them look especially ridiculous… Many quests can seem insane to players and include ideas that most ordinary mortals don’t understand.

10. An unforgettable night

An unforgettable night Skyrim

When the Dragonborn gets drunk in a bar in any of the nine major cities, he may meet a funny guy named Sam Geven… This encounter is random, so gamers may have to be patient. Dovahkiin together with him can arrange a drinking competition, the winner of which will receive a staff. If the Dragonborn participates, they will eventually pass out and wake up from the displeasure of angry citizens. They will have to calm them down, as well as apologize for their funny drunken antics. The dialogue in this quest is one of the funniest in Skyrim, so don’t miss it. In the end, the player will face Sam again, but he turns out to be Sanguine – the Daedric Prince debauchery and drunkenness

After a shocking disclosure, he gives the Dragonborn the Rose of Sanguine, a staff and a Daedric artifact, thanks to which you can summon a dremora for 60 seconds.

9. Star of Azura

Azura's Star Skyrim

Near the College of Winterhold, on the mountain, can be found Shrine of Azura – The Daedric Princess of dawn, dusk and change. Here you can speak to a Dunmer priestess named Arania to begin a Daedric quest that involves fighting the necromancers and pursuing their filthy leader into another dimension. When the Dragonborn receives a Daedra Artifact and a Soul Gem, and Star of Azura, he is trapped inside the stone to fight the sinister occultist and his powerful Dremora minions in a magnificent crystalline landscape.

8. J’zargo’s Experiment

J'zargo Skyrim Experiment

In the College of Winterhold, the gamer can meet the Khajiit, fascinated by the spells of Destruction. J’zargo will ask the Dragonborn to help him check several scrolls designed to be used as offensive fire magic. However, in the process of using them, the player will find that he himself takes damage from the flame, albeit insignificant.

This quest is actually similar to the quest from Fallout 3, where something similar happens, but with experimental grenades. It looks like Bethesda likes to reuse some of its quirkier features.

7. Eternal rest

Eternal rest Helga's ghost

At first, when Dovahkiin accepts this assignment after talking with people in Morthal, it seems like a mysterious murder, but soon becomes something supernatural. After examining the burned down house and talking to a ghost killed in it baby, you can learn more about the sinister deeds.

After rummaging around the city district, the player will find that vampires have become a real threat in Morthal. This ultimately leads the Dragonborn to the lair of Movart – the main vampire behind all the recent tragedies. Here the gamer can destroy the attacker and free the city from his clutches.

6. Call of Boethiah

Sanctuary of Boethiah

Books are a new way to find quests in Skyrim. Having found and read one such called “Trials of Boethiah”, a quest called “Call of Boethiah” will begin, in which the player will be able to fulfill the order of the Daedric Princess intig and treachery… The task will be associated with many hidden murders, as well as the betrayal of a comrade. At some point, Dovahkiin will be instructed to lead a follower to Sanctuary of Boethiahwhere he will be sacrificed to the Princess. After performing several of these rituals, the player will be rewarded with a Daedric artifact and a unique piece of heavy armor called Ebony Mail, which is enchanted with an effect that passively damages nearby enemies.

5. Opening the invisible

Discovery of invisible Skyrim

This is one of the quests College of Winterhold, during which the Dragonborn can become her archmage. In search of the legendary Staff of Magnus in the Dwemer ruins Mzulf the player will need to find the missing parts for the giant eyepiece and then learn how to use it.

This massive device is the Tamrielian counterpart of the light show and is deposited in the minds of gamers as one of the most interesting pieces of Dwemer technology.

4. Keen’s sacred trials

Keen's Sacred TrialsThese tests can be started by talking to Frocki Razorblade in his shack in the southwest part of the Rift. The Hunter will tell the Dragonborn about the goddess Kin and her sacred tasks in which you can prove yourself the most powerful of the hunters.

If the player accepts these challenges, they will be able to find unique translucent versions of enemies in specific locations. The hunt will be relatively small, but ultimately Dovahkiin will have to fight with animals like a ghostly mammoth and a troll.

3. Return of twilight

Twilight Tomb Nocturnal

Towards the end of the Thieves Guild questline, which can be started by talking to Brinjolf in Riften, the player will need to enter Twilight Tomb… The goal is to return the Skeleton Key to its rightful owner: the Daedric Princess of Darkness Nocturnal… The process is lengthy and will require going through many shadows and ghostly battles.

Eventually, the Dragonborn will be able to speak in person with the Daedra Princess – a rare face-to-face encounter that doesn’t happen very often.

2. Lost knowledge

Black Book of Skyrim

This is a repeatable quest that can be started by talking to Neloth in Tel Mithryn. He will ask the player to get the Black Book from the dungeon, which will allow Dovahkiin to go to Apocrypha – Oblivion’s plan, owned by the Daedric Prince of Knowledge Hermeusu Sea… The gamer can find more and more books, each of which gives him the opportunity to travel to the depths of this strange world and get a lot of excellent passive skills.

Although this can bring closer to the Prince of Daedra more than we would like.

1. Sovngarde

Sovngarde Skyrim

Towards the end of the main storyline, the Dragonborn must pursue Alduin in the Afterlife of Nordic Heroes: Sovngarde. This unearthly world is beautiful and unlike any other place in the game. It feels like you are in a dream… That is, before the start of the battle with the greatest dragon. This quest is the pinnacle of all lore regarding dragons, nords and the entire province. Skyrimthan the game has fed the gamer until now. And it’s crazy enough to keep the hype going.

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